i have a lot freinds that are either nice and good to me or just lovable^^

draconic_girl=my lovabe
greedyfodder=my best friend in
liveslikebeth=my neogirlfriends
best friend(i think)
homuncus lover=my neoadviser^^(she tells me what is wrong and right in neoseeker)
auron_is_awesome12=my new freind
ducklings=another good freind of mine
Gothic Girl=a hot chick that loves Gackt more than anything in the world

thats about it of my friends the reasons that i love them are because they keep giving me advise and we try to keep in touch with each other^^


i like mostly Final Fantasy games cause their characters are hot and cute for some reason and the person i like most is either:

ii)tifa (ac)
iii)yuna (ffx-2)

the images of my favourite characters are in my neohome^^

i also like Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2

So i think Neoseeker is the BEST because it gets me to know new friends from all over the world

Thanks NEOSEEKER!!!!


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