Last 10 Threads started by Tidus Strife
Crossing Legends I - Dawn of the First Day 593 Jun 14, 2013
Chapter 10: Renewal - Saddest Fire Emblem Chapter EVER? 38 Feb 11, 2013
Mike's Trading Corner (Happy to Give or Receive!) 25 Dec 10, 2012
Smash Legends LXXII 261 Nov 14, 2010
Information Thread 4 Aug 03, 2010
GameUnicon/SNES- Biggest Scam in Competitive Smash (Video Gaming?) History? 21 Sep 23, 2009
Smash Legends-- [-LVIII-]{~Accepting 2~} Naruto Boy Got No Game 440 Aug 17, 2009
Djinn, Classes, & Summons 14 Jun 05, 2009
3D Graphics & World- The Side Effects? 18 Jun 03, 2009
New Psynergy? 34 Jun 03, 2009
Last 10 Threads in which Tidus Strife participated
[UFC 178] Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson vs Chris Cariaso 12 Aug 12, 2014
Neoseeker Member Map 81 Aug 12, 2014
Lucina, Robin, and Captain Falcon Confirmed! 191 Jul 14, 2014
UFC 175: Weidman vs Machida 22 Jul 11, 2014
UFC 175: Weidman vs Machida 22 Jul 06, 2014
UFC 175: Weidman vs Machida 22 Jul 05, 2014
UFC 175: Weidman vs Machida 22 Jul 05, 2014
UFC 175: Weidman vs Machida 22 Jul 05, 2014
Common Core math is a joke. 39 Jul 01, 2014
sometimes 28 Jul 01, 2014
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