Omg, Alder was so easy.
Just painfully decided my final team! Sadly, removing best friend Krookodile :(
Finally got a female combee -_-
Yes! I beat Ghetsis.
Caitlin's Reuniclus is so annoying
Rebecca Black's Friday has turned into a Firestorm
I love Axew's cry. I think it's an adorable pokemon :)
Brycen is the easiest gym leader ever
Skyla was the easiest gym leader ever
I wish my house had wireless Wifi :( Can't trade unless I go to grandmas lol
Chargestone cave is so cool
My battle with Elesa lasted 15 minutes :l
Yay I got Pokemon white :D
Ugh! Sick of the battle tower. Eff SS, I'm getting White version :)
I need to get White version now :(
YESS! Finally beat Thorton :DDDDD

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