just one more Vessel of truth and the sword is mine
so have been level 30 for a while just need TK sword.
2,686,487 to GR29 wow it's so close
3,684,000 away form gr29 iam so close
OMG last night i finely got to GR28
now that the binding is complet all i have to do is play and get GR as to get to GR30 to cool
a binding i shall go, a binding i shell go Hi Ho the dairy oh the binding i shell go.
for me its my Monday hoo- raa
its my Friday and have the next 2 days off Game on
been playing this one since christmas almost 4 month and i just hit gr27 with 3 trophys left until i platnum. WhiteKnightChronicles2 PS3
So your feeling lucky,

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