Hey, y'all, welcome to my Neo-Home! =D

Not much of a home, but whatever.. .___.

So.. The only reason why you'd be here would be to.. Check out my Neo-Home? Yeah, that's right. =D

Okaaay.. My friends! =D




OMG, Quierta, you are one of the greatest friends ever. Always patient, perfect as moderator, and so nice! Plus, you do some of the most amazing graphics I have ever seen.. You rock, girl. =D


What is there to say about you..? Hmm.. You're awesome to type fan-fictions with, great writer and you're always supportive. Your obsession with Tekken is sorta crazy, but we love you for that, IFQ. =D


Crazy about HM: AnWL, crazy about role playing, crazy about fan fictions, crazy 'bout.. Everything! You gotta calm down, but you're awesome the way you are. =D


Co-operative, great at role playing, patient, and just, overall, you're awesome! Caption contests? Man, you drove a lot of the competition straight back out the door! =D

Midnight Blue

I can hardly keep up with you, 'cause you're always one step ahead! I love talking about the upcoming Harvest Moon Heroes game for the Wii with you, and you're just plain awesome. Plus, I love your avatar and banner! =D

Swift Silver

Hmm.. Reminds me of "Quicksilver". I wonder why.. Ahem. Anyways, Ricky, you just blow me away with your graphics. And plus, you just rock. You really bring something to the table, you do! =D


You're a regular in the MySims forum, and I can't keep up with you! Plus, you have great ideas for topics, and your graphics have that sparkle! =D

Country Girl:

Ashleigh, you're so active in the Harvest Moon forums, it makes me want to.. Bite your head off? Nah. It makes me wanna make me equal to your status. Man, you're just plain awesome! =D


Sorry if you're not on here. Of course, you wouldn't really care, anyways.. .__.

Ahem. Onto my interests! =D




I am a reading maniac. Lend me a book I might like, and you'll never get it back. That's how crazy I am. =D>

Some authors that I like in no particular order are..

J.K. Rowling
Diana Wynne Jones
Jonathon Stroud
Rick Riordon
Cornelia Funke
Christopher Paolini
Louisa May Alcott
Alexandre Dumas
Jane Austen
E.D. Baker
Suzanne Collins
Cinda Williams Chima
And much, much more..


Well, duh, of course I love posting! Why do you think I'm on these forums all day? .__.

The forums that I love to post in a lot are..

Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life ~ GameCube
Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life ~ GameCube
Harvest Moon Heroes/Harvest Moon: Tree of Peace ~ Wii
MySims ~ Wii


I manage my own forum! Currently, my own forum is one called 'Miscellaneous Central', but I'm working on finding a proper forum for my special Harvest Moon forum, called 'Harvest Moon Village'. =D

Video Games:

I play video games. Simple as that. =D


Obviously, I enjoy doing a lot more than that, but I'm too lazy to do so.. .__.


My goals? Obviously, I have a lot of them. But here are some I really want to achieve on this website! They're in a particular order, for once.. =D



Goal #1: Hopefully become the Harvest Moon Heroes forum's permanent moderator: Aww.. Not accomplished..

Goal #2: Earn the respect of members around me: Erm.. Dunno. I certainly hope so!

Goal #3: Become liked enough so I get more than 10 friends: Sadly, no. Not that I don't like you guys.. Honest!

Goal #4: Receive a really great graphics set from Quierta, my fave graphics artist..

~ Goal #3.1: Avatar: Achieved!
~ Goal #3.2: Banner: Achieved!
~ Goal #3.3: Stamp: Almost achieved..

Goal #4: Post count..

~ Goal #4.1: 1,000 posts: Achieved!
~ Goal #4.2: 2,000 posts: Achieved!
~ Goal #4.3: 3,000 posts: Not achieved..
~ Goal #4.4: 4,000 posts: Not achieved..
~ Goal #4.5: 5,000 posts: Not achieved..

Goal #5: Get lots of people to post in my threads: Erm.. Somewhat..


Those are a few of my goals that I have for these Neoseeker forums. =D

And now.. Let's get onto the games I play, shall we?



Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life ~

Awesome game, though the game play gets sorta boring after a while. But overall, AWESOME game! I especially love the graphics, they're better than usual for GameCube.

MySims ~

OMG, you get to build stuff, paint it, decorate both the interior and exterior of your house, and a whole lot more! I love it!

Harvest Moon: Tree of Peace/Harvest Moon Heroes ~

I know this game hasn't come out yet, but I still have devoted a whole lot of time to this game. Well, at least, a whole lot of time THINKING about this game. And wondering what's gonna be in it. From what I hear, it's awesome!


Obviously, I had a whole lot more games than just these three, but I didn't wanna put them all down. I'm too impatient for that. =D


You may all leave now. Have a nice day. =D

Oh, I almost forgot! Here's some cookies and some pie! Both the cookies and the pie are magical, so they turn to whatever flavor you want! =D

Check back occasionally, since I might be adding more to my Neo-Home! =D

Credit goes to Quierta for my awesome graphics set!