Hey, I thought and I'd say Merry Christmas to you, my good friend!

And Happy New Year!

Hope you're all enjoyed this special holiday and have fun with your beloved families and friends!

With much love,

Hey Thuggy!
Long time no talkin' to ya!
What's up? Did you have fun with moderating your forum and banning those members lately?
I hope so!
Here's the stamp for ya!

Peace out!

Love always,
Memory of Eileen

Yo Thuggy whats up

have a Stamp:

Sign back please Thuggy
Youve Been Stamped By The God Of All Saiyans!!!

Your Guestbook's SoxX0rz have been RoxX0red!

I'm just goin around doin quick signs

goodbye buddy
Keep up the good moderating Thug Maniac.

ill stamp you with my sig because your a good mod a im still on my stamp >.<

Yo Balla. What's up. That's balla. Oh really? That's balla.

That's my word for today. Anyways Thug you're alright when I think about it. Since you like Tupac I will forgive you Thuggy for your evil ways. Anyways it's Usher time.

Peace up, A-Town Down.
Lol,here I'll sign your guestbook because your a real decent fellow unlike you-know-who.

See ya round the forums man!And please,keep up the GREAT work in moderating!
Hey Thug Maniac, because you are one of our moderators on the BT 2 forum, you deserve a signing !


Hey man thought i would sign your guestbook it's been a while.

Yo wuzz good thug??Yo I thought I would sign ya guestbook,your cool and I see ya on the latin forum,want to be homies just pm me.

Sign back, Peace.

Hey Thug Maniac.. signing the guestbook cause I'm bored.


Just signing because of your B-Day.

I thought I would stamp your guestbook because your cool.

Also because:

I just wanted to congradulate you and tommex for getting your mod positions by signing your guestbooks. You two are doing a great job so far.

random, But OMG I love jennifer love hewitt too. Love Hewitt fans FOREVER!! Check out my neohome, I have a few pics of her.
Since you have become our mod, I thought you deserved to be signed be the nicest member on the forum

Signing your GB as you seem to like FIFA. Well Done!

bk to la, all day

(damn 125 limit)aRHraeshaserh

Sign back, or Franken Bush will be elected in '09. We don't want that now do we?