Stardock is at least standing up and being honest about the whole affair.

I'm not expecting this game to truly... read more

Yup, they are remade versions of older games. Mind you, everybody's doing that these days - at least Stardock's... read more

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FUN FACT: MapleStory was based off of a Korean comic book.

You don't say?

Which comic book would... read more

A GBA version? Sweet! I have RCR for my Wii and it's still awesome. Oh, and my Sugar Rush character's name was... read more

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Wow you're fast! It was only a messed link for about 45 seconds.

Also, it's fixed now.

P.S. Like the screenshot of... read more

It will as soon as Lydia has a chance to chase my bad grammar off with a chainsaw.

Give her a few minutes!

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All else about the organization aside, I'm really glad to see this sort of responsible approach to video games in... read more

$14k? Ouch! The FigurePrints folks got their machines for closer to $50k, but that was years ago and for... read more

The FPS deal does put this one on shaky ground. I played the first three X-Com titles to death before they released... read more

Ogre Battle 64? Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay... *thrashes arms in the air like Kermit the frog* read more

I really like these folks.

They're taking a lot of risks and working more like gamers than business people. As... read more

Bah! I want to skip ahead to plugging the cable directly into my brain. read more


Ok, time to hit the Wiki and see what it'll take for me to assemble a team of my personal favorites -... read more

Oooh... I like the offset eyes thing.

Plus, the civil apology is great - nothing like having a bad guy you can... read more

Mmm... Bulldoze... Er. I mean, nice review Lydia!

They've done some talking about Easter Eggs lurking in the game as... read more