Last 10 Threads started by Thrawn
Drawings on Miiverse 12 Dec 13, 2013
Most used character overall? 8 Dec 09, 2013
How many DLC maps have you purchased? 8 Oct 31, 2013
The whole children concept. 6 Oct 19, 2013
Where do you rank this among other FE games you have played? 16 Oct 09, 2013
So how is the story/plot? 2 Oct 04, 2013
So how many hours have you spent on it? 13 Oct 02, 2013
How many playthrough's so far? 26 Aug 28, 2013
Double Bow Now Available! 6 Jun 28, 2013
Lost Bloodlines DLC Coming Soon To Europe 2 Jun 25, 2013
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