Having a really fun time with this game, just a great platformer: ShovelKnight Wii U
Planning to download Golden Sun off the Wii U e-shop soon.
Just received my Fire Emblem GBA copy, and I knew it was a fake as soon as I saw it.

Just thought I would start up a thread where users can discuss the VC games they're playing right now if any on Nintendo

Finally thinking about buying myself a used copy of Fire Emblem GBA.
So friends; for my very first Pokemon game (yeah I know), which one should it be?

As we all well know the character roster for Mario Kart 8 is pretty pathetic, consisting of several characters who are basica

Seems like I become more hyped everyday as SmashBros. gets closer
Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones needs to hit Wii U VC
Something tells me I'm going to be hooked on this one a long time: MarioKart8 Wii U
Hot and humid today with highs around 90.

So we pretty much know for sure that the DLC tease we recently had for MK8 before E3 is fake, but it also got me thinking abo

Probably download my free Pikmin 3 soon! It will be my first Pikmin game.
Went to play Brawl online...then remembered the servers are down :(

Now that Mario Kart 8 has had time to sink in, how high do you rank it in the series? Is it indeed you're new favorite?

Three Stars on everything in MK8!
Three Stars on all cups except for Mirror Mode, which I'm putting off. :P MarioKart8 Wii U

So what particular new track(s) in Mario Kart 8 have really stuck out for you so far? For me it's Sunshine Airport r


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