So now that we have all had time to play as and try out the moveset of two newcomers being Villager and Mega Man, has anyone

Simple question; which color of Yoshi do you prefer to play as and why? For me it's the Orange Yoshi, because it reminds

Wow; I knew Atlanta would win, but a 56-14 blowout over Tampa Bay wasn't what I expected. I thought maybe 30-10.
Codes are gone.
I still have my third Smash Bros. Demo code, whoever PM's me first gets it. =P
Playing as Mega Man in the Smash Demo hyped me up for some Mega Man action! Cant wait to get started on my first in the series! MegaManX Wii U

Now that some of us have the Special Demo (this thread will also pertain to the mainstream demo once it's released), are

Hmm, Mega Man X is on sale in the e-shop. Might grab it.
NOA; you actually gave us the Smash Bros. sale, still cant stand you though because of no Fire Emblem (GBA) HD
Nailed a box that was a strong enemy in Tales of Xillia 2; got over 10,000 EXP and over 350 Skill Points. =D
Remember guys; if you have the Wii U deluxe, remember to head here: There is a chance you could get free e-shop credit!
Just started my playthrough yesterday, decent so far: TalesOfXillia2 PS3
Get your Mario Kart 8 DLC bundle now, and receive eight Yoshi and Shy Guy colors right off the bat!
Finally!!! DLC for Mario Kart 8!!! MarioKart8 Wii U
Tales of Xillia 2 will be here on Wed; looking forward to it.
Enjoyed this one allot! Good game overall: TalesOfXillia PS3
End of the game is close now, all characters on level's 90-91 "Tales of Xillia"

--Quote Wii U owners in UK and Europe will be able to download the critically acclaim

Defeated the big cat Devil's Beast yesterday at the Swampland. Harder fight then the one in Old Vicalle Mines.


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