Chimaira Thors_Hammer
Mar 17, 07 8:28pm
Yo! Whats up man?

Just dropping by to sign your GB!

See ya around man!

That 125 characters thing is annoying!!!

Lord Aries Thors_Hammer
Dec 24, 06 11:42am
Hmm... What to say to fill up the neosekkers must for 125 characters?

Well, I admire your GFX very much, so I guess thats the main reason for this.

Sign back, and a merry christmas to you and your brethren.
Azn_Applecake Thors_Hammer
Oct 12, 06 3:12am
i try and make a point to sign anyone with a link to their gb in their sig...

sign back!

Early Bop Thors_Hammer
Oct 11, 06 1:03am
thanks for helping me with GIMP and stuff.i'm pretty much signing because i was bored,well i'll see you around thor

just typed that in for the 125 charachters
Punkness Thors_Hammer
Jun 29, 06 4:44am
dewd, you're polish? effin' sweet. just wanted to say that.

blazeboy11 Thors_Hammer
Jun 7, 06 3:13pm
I'm on a Stamping Spree!
Off to stamp wild and free!
Maybe just too much crack for mee? o_0

Goyun SSJ15 Thors_Hammer
Apr 22, 06 5:58pm
hey Thors_Hammer. Howz it goin? Just thought Id drop in and sign your guestbook seein as how you seem like a pretty cool guy. Hope you'll return the favour. Later.
Ria Thors_Hammer
Apr 14, 06 10:26pm
My signature word... Thnxys... For all your help. Take care and keep on the wire...
canderson Thors_Hammer
Apr 8, 06 3:02am
Hey Thors Hammer. I thought might sign your guestbook. It's good to see another Super Smash Bros fan. Hope to see you around, later.
CountJagv Thors_Hammer
Feb 2, 06 11:30pm
Oh my Miyamoto! You're being stamped by CountJagv! Immediate lockdown is neccessary! Don't let the strain spread! It'll infect millions with IDIOTNARCOSIS.

Yep, you've been stamped. I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do for you.
Marcibanjo Thors_Hammer
Jan 29, 06 11:41pm
Hey i want to thank you that you signed my Guestbook!!

And your stamp was Funny!

See yah!
ReganBRFC Thors_Hammer
Jan 29, 06 12:21pm
hey, thanks for signing my guestbook, youre stamp is class
i dont have a stamp but this will do
Jazz Master Thors_Hammer
Jan 28, 06 3:37am
Hey hows it going? Just going around signing your here I am

Alright I guess I'll be seeing you
Jazz Master
glitchy Thors_Hammer
Jan 24, 06 2:54am
hey, seen you around the forms, thought i sighn. cant stamp you, the code aint working, so heres some wierd stuff:hsidchyrtdmgrytgyuhdgyuhgyudgsmygyugyuyurdyuwyjeruwhydug
thats good enough. see you 'round the forms!
Sosai X Thors_Hammer
Jan 19, 06 3:15am

Shit man, your banner looks pretty sweet. *stares at it all day*

Anyway: Hi. How are you doing?
Since I don't have a new stamp this will have to do:

Kadaj is so hot.

Cya around SSBM! Take care,


The Blade Slade Thors_Hammer
Dec 30, 05 10:36pm
hey dude i saw you around the SSBM forum and thought id sign your GB. and as chainchomp said. do you play tales of symphonia? well if you want sign back. see ya round.
Chain Chomp Thors_Hammer
Dec 16, 05 4:12am
I like your name! It's from my favorite game! Just thought I'd stop by and sign you book! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Colette is on da run again!! ...How the Desians stole Christmas...
Chain Chomp Thors_Hammer
Nov 10, 05 8:05am
Thors_hammer? You play Tales of Symphonia? I love that game, I dunno why, but I do! I guess, just seemed kinda interesting seeing that name, well I'll see you around then!