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Apr 2, 12 12:38am

My Theory Of Reality

Not too long ago I met someone on Omegle. I know, I know, Omegle. To the lot of you who are ready to leave at the mention of it, please, don't. It's a good theory in my opinion.

Anyways. This man taught me about Quantum Physics. While I don't remember how he explained it, he told me that QP stated the world, and everything in it, was made up of different consciousnesses. This would mean that birth is a consciousness becoming sentient, while death is it becoming nothing, but at the same time something. Essentially, leaving this world. The objects that are not sentient or are not living are simply "holders" of separate consciousnesses. This is pretty much all I remember about our conversation, so if you don't understand, try doing some research as I will later.

So this is where my theory comes in. My theory is thatc, if we are all consciousnesses just simply being, then nothing is real in our existence other then ourselves. Before I continue, let me ask you something. Our brains function through memories, right? When we are born we learn how to crawl, then later how to walk and speak. When we are older, we remember this knowledge and use it when needed, as we do with all the other knowledge we collected as with grew up. This knowledge might include simple things, such as colors and spelling, and smaller facts of life, or much more elaborate things, such as Calculus, Physcology, "Proper" English/Grammar, etc.

With that being said, let's move on. Who we are, our conscious, is the only real thing about this world. Everything else is a manifestation of brief contacts with other consciousnesses. Myself remembering what I have seen, felt, touched, heard, and tasted. For example, the person reading this is not real to me, nor are they manifested yet. As I think about them, met them, or just visually see them, my mind manifests one of the hundreds of thousands of consciousnesses it may have touched. As the man from Omegle pointed out, "Our consciousness has no sense of time. Only our body does." So our consciousnesses could have been for millions of years, or simply a day. Either long enough to provide memories of an entire world.

That's all I can really type at 1 AM, so if you'd like to comment or remind me to add more or anything of the such, please send me a PM.



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