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Apr 02, 12 12:17am


"Is it better to life a life of regret caused by the unknown in your life, or to live a life of regret caused by answers you may seek out?"

That's a question I came up with and asked myself some time ago. From it I got my current CT:
"A life of regret is my only option."
As both choices lead to a life of regret.

For humans, regret is a hard thing to ignore or to stop from occurring. It manifests itself everyday, and everybody regrets something, because a life without regret would be the closests humans could get to perfection.

Regret is a simple thing. It is, as defined by, "The act of feeling sorry about something or to feel sorrow or loss." Regret normally is feeling sorry about performing a action or speaking a certain thing.

Some may acknowledge they regret things daily, others might ignore it. Some will even grow to not care anymore, but it will always be there.

For me my life is filled with regret. A large percentage of the time it is over small things, such as saying the wrong thing in front of someone. Despite me being a rathe optimistic person my mind will take any faint bit of negative and quickly exaggerate it to higher extents. This means that, even though saying the wrong thing will normally only cause a small, quick reaction and then disappear, I think about negatives effects it may have on my future, regardless of how large or small the effect is.

All this and a little bit more has made me realize that I'll regret everything I do. Which is true. I regret saying something to my sister earlier. I regret not eating earlier. I regret the small things, and life is made up of small things.

This is all pretty much nonsense. If you read it and would like to comment though, send me a PM. With all my nonsense that I speak daily though, you might regret it.

"A life of regret is my only option."


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walnuts Apr 2, 12
Quite a morbid way of thinking about things I think. Certainly there are things that I too regret...but there are plenty of things that I do and have done that I don't regret, and I think that in itself is enough motivation for myself to keep making mistakes and learning from them.

No idea what is happening with your life at the moment, but I wouldn't give up and say you're going to live an entire life of regret yet. After all, it's always the darkest before the dawn.

If you ever want to have a chat, my PM inbox is always open
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ThornSnyder Apr 2, 12
I was putting down my thoughts at the time. Basically though, I realize that my life will get better, and that it won't always be as bad as it is now(Though, really, my life is great compared to others), but at the same time there's always that darker side of things.

I'm not sure when it happened or why, but my mind shifted focus entirely from positive to negative. By this I mean that, after doing even the simplest of things, I think up many different ways the outcome could be bad before I think of one that is good. It's a poor way of thinking, I know, but even after many attempts at changing it I've been unsuccessful.

The "Life of regret is my only option." thing was my thoughts about how life will always contain regret. I'm not saying life will always be dark and depressing, just that, no matter what, regret will always be there in some form.

Thanks for that I'll remember that when I want to talk to someone.

Since these are my first blogs I've ever posted anywhere, I'm not sure if it'll notify you of my reply. Just incase, and again I don't know if this'll work either, but walnuts
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the_FAMAS_pro Jun 10, 12
Wow..this is pretty dark...
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kaijudo Jun 17, 12
Awesome stuff here, dude. It's interesting since I've been thinking a lot about regret recently, and how sometimes, when faced with a choice between trying something new and not, it seems like both options lead to regret; one because we know we'll regret not trying something new, and the other because through projecting our own fears onto the new experience, sometimes all we can see is what can go wrong.

I've been trying to cope with these dark thoughts recently whenever they occur to me, and although I have yet to find a way to banish them from my mind, I wish you good luck in doing so yourself.
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