Nov 16, 13 3:00am
Remember me....
Mar 07, 13 4:42pm
Nov 21, 12 12:31am
But where is home?
May 20, 12 3:43am
Why am I even here? What's my purpose?
Apr 06, 12 12:19am
Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! (The Regular Show!)
ThornSnyder blogged
Apr 02, 12 12:38am

Not too long ago I met someone on Omegle. I know, I know, Omegle. To the lot of you who are ready to leave at the mention of it, please, don't. It's a good theory in my opinion.

Anyways. This man taught me about Quantum Physics. While I don't remember how he explained it, he told me that QP stated the world, and everything in it, was made up of different consciousnesses. This would mean that birth is a consciousness becoming sentient, while death is it becoming nothing, but at the same time something. Essentially, leaving this world. The objects that are not sentient or are not living are simply "holders" of separate consciousnesses. This is pretty much all I remember about our conversation, so if you don't understand, try doing some research as I will later.

So this is where my theory comes in. My theory is thatc, if we are all consciousnesses just simply being, then nothing is real in our existence other then ourselves. Before I continue, let me ask you something. Our brains function through memories, right? When we are born we learn how to crawl, then later how to walk and speak. When we are older, we remember this knowledge and use it when needed, as we do with all the other knowledge we collected as with grew up. This knowledge might include simple things, such as colors and spelling, and smaller facts of life, or much more elaborate things, such as Calculus, Physcology, "Proper" English/Grammar, etc.

With that being said, let's move on. Who we are, our conscious, is the only real thing about this world. Everything else is a manifestation of brief contacts with other consciousnesses. Myself remembering what I have seen, felt, touched, heard, and tasted. For example, the person reading this is not real to me, nor are they manifested yet. As I think about them, met them, or just visually see them, my mind manifests one of the hundreds of thousands of consciousnesses it may have touched. As the man from Omegle pointed out, "Our consciousness has no sense of time. Only our body does." So our consciousnesses could have been for millions of years, or simply a day. Either long enough to provide memories of an entire world.

That's all I can really type at 1 AM, so if you'd like to comment or remind me to add more or anything of the such, please send me a PM.


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ThornSnyder blogged
Apr 02, 12 12:17am

"Is it better to life a life of regret caused by the unknown in your life, or to live a life of regret caused by answers you may seek out?"

That's a question I came up with and asked myself some time ago. From it I got my current CT:
"A life of regret is my only option."
As both choices lead to a life of regret.

For humans, regret is a hard thing to ignore or to stop from occurring. It manifests itself everyday, and everybody regrets something, because a life without regret would be the closests humans could get to perfection.

Regret is a simple thing. It is, as defined by, "The act of feeling sorry about something or to feel sorrow or loss." Regret normally is feeling sorry about performing a action or speaking a certain thing.

Some may acknowledge they regret things daily, others might ignore it. Some will even grow to not care anymore, but it will always be there.

For me my life is filled with regret. A large percentage of the time it is over small things, such as saying the wrong thing in front of someone. Despite me being a rathe optimistic person my mind will take any faint bit of negative and quickly exaggerate it to higher extents. This means that, even though saying the wrong thing will normally only cause a small, quick reaction and then disappear, I think about negatives effects it may have on my future, regardless of how large or small the effect is.

All this and a little bit more has made me realize that I'll regret everything I do. Which is true. I regret saying something to my sister earlier. I regret not eating earlier. I regret the small things, and life is made up of small things.

This is all pretty much nonsense. If you read it and would like to comment though, send me a PM. With all my nonsense that I speak daily though, you might regret it.

"A life of regret is my only option."


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ThornSnyder blogged
Mar 24, 12 3:02am

This isn't really a blog to talk to people or relay anything, I just mainly wanted a place to store my old signatures here on Neo for all to see. I tried putting them in my Bio, but they wouldn't fit. So here I am!

Past Signatures:

Join the endless cycles!! Crisis Core / Dissidia

(Stopped using ???? I know two of my friends made this, but I can't remember which ones. If you want credit, PM me you two!)

"You never said, that what I do,
Is either right or wrong,
It's wrong,
I dream of her."
Adapted version of Forever The Sickest Kids' song My Worst Nightmare.
(Stopped using 3/14/12)

"I put my hands up in the air,
Try to act like I don't care,
But tonight I'm all alone."
(Stopped using 3/21/12)

"I'm done,
I should have been, your everything!
And now,
At the end of my eternity.
I fall asleep to have the darkest dreams."
Jersey - Mayday Parade
(Stopped using 4/2/12)

Is it better to live a life of regret caused by the unknown in your life,
Or to life one caused by answers to the unknown?

If you'd like to answer, send me a PM.
(Stopped using 4/5/12)

Everybody has something they Regret...
How can you tell what is really Real?
For you, K.

Feel free to drop me a PM.
(Stopped using 11/2/12)


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Oct 11, 11 9:57pm
Sometime's it's best to just take what's coming.
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I'd prefer you not know, but I'd tell if you asked.
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Nov 19, 10 3:20am
I wanna be. A rockstar, a superhero. Livin th dream...
Nov 03, 10 4:31pm
It comes as no surprise to me, she's with another guy...
Oct 31, 10 4:28pm
Where are your guts to fly?
Oct 31, 10 6:37am
The chains that bind me.... I will never be free.
Oct 20, 10 5:55am
"Girls make boys cry.... and die..."
Oct 01, 10 2:14am
Sleep - My Chemical Romance
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