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This is insane microsoft just keeps on making money. read more

How is nintendo having this problem, doesn't make sence to me. The 360 is still seeling more units than the nintendo... read more

People should start realizing to stop opening email when they don't know who's it from.
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Just an old fart writing this article that doesn't like video games probably because his wife is on it most of the time. read more

This is great news, my xbox now is in the hands of microsoft and they are taking care of the issue, but it took them... read more

I don't mind that the game is going to be delayed. There will not be so many bugs in the game. Ofcourse more polished
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Nintendo will always be on the map, I haven't even played the wii yet. I have an xbox360 and i got no regret on... read more

Very stupid article. No way by changing daylights saving time is effecting global warming. read more

I'd rather have a seperate keyboard to be plugged in the usb or if they make that's wireless even better. It looks... read more

Microsoft is trying to make as much money as they can, it is totally wrong this company doesn't need anymore money... read more

It's just very amazing how technology is growing at this speed. They need to slow down just a little bit. read more

This is article is about the same as the GTA4 article that was posted a couple of days ago. There is now that games... read more

They go overboard with complaining about games. The politicians don't really care about the violence in the game,... read more