Kitty1999candy TheViperX
Aug 26, 08 10:57pm

Hi!!!! This is a Maltese Tiger and they have been seen in china. This is not fake this is real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
snyperace3 TheViperX
Jul 11, 08 8:48am
Subaru7 beat me here... :anger:

Anyway, how was your vacation? Where'd you go? PM me

You've been off too long

Come back!!!

Subaru7 TheViperX
Jul 6, 08 1:39am
Thanks for signing my guestbook dude!

You really think that 4 entries is a lot?

Check the Raider's guestbooks.

Anyways, You've been StAmPeD

Hardy123 TheViperX
Feb 9, 08 6:43pm
yah the swanton was wiked and too bad he lost at the rumble=P I dont think orten or edge should be world champions because they barely fight they just play mind games(sorry if you are either a edge or orten fan)