Based on your physical appearance or body measurements ALONE, how would you rate yourself? Do you see your view as having low

What type clothes are you into and what style do you would say they fit into? Specify for specifics and subgenres Do you h

Thanks for adding me as a friend ^_^

I was just reflecting on when I used to play this game more frequently and remembered how annoying some parts of the game wer

Do you have a name for your style or are you in a specific fashion genre? And do you actually wear your style or do you not d

Hello fellow animal crossing players. I am currently in a town that is covered in bells because I used the "weeds to

Dies ist die Stille der Nacht, und kein Weg führt zurück zu mir
They cannot see... this curtain hides me...
Sometimes love is not enough... Look it's tough, I don't know why...
Reich mir die hand I a real friend? :_oops:
why must love hurt so bad?
Wants her mom to let her buy a Grell Sutcliffe cosplay outfit. :D

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