LiliannaAvalon ThePantaloonKing
Mar 5, 05 10:08am
How the hell did you ever make a name that actually requires me to think before I type it? Not a fair question perhaps, since I myself get my names from the nether reaches of my cluttered brain.

How's my favorite doughnut doing? Actually I haven't had a Kripsy Kreme in a few months. We have Dunkin Doughnuts where I live. My favorite are the strawberry frosted ones, along with a vanilla bean coolata. Mmmm, yummy stuff.

I see you are back after being banned, that's good, the RPG wouldn't be the same without you. Ciao.

Valérie Anna Maria AKA Lil.
DQ Maniac ThePantaloonKing
Oct 3, 04 6:11pm
Savage ThePantaloonKing
Jun 13, 04 9:42am
You thought I haven't read the Hobbit? Really? I read the Hobbit like, nine years ago and I'm not that old...


I am at the beginning of everything.
I am found at the end of the universe,
and I am always at the end of time.
I can be found in me, but not in you.
What am I?
Savage ThePantaloonKing
Jan 23, 04 10:35am
Someone had to be nice, especially after you got shut down by Pyro for spamming.

Whats the answer to this?

I make you weak at the worst of all times,
but in the end I keep you safe.
You'll sweat in my prescence even as you grow cold.
I dwell in the weak, rearely the brave,
but without me, who could tell the difference?