How the hell did you ever make a name that actually requires me to think before I type it? Not a fair question perhaps, since I myself get my names from the nether reaches of my cluttered brain.

How's my favorite doughnut doing? Actually I haven't had a Kripsy Kreme in a few months. We have Dunkin Doughnuts where I live. My favorite are the strawberry frosted ones, along with a vanilla bean coolata. Mmmm, yummy stuff.

I see you are back after being banned, that's good, the RPG wouldn't be the same without you. Ciao.

Valérie Anna Maria AKA Lil.
You thought I haven't read the Hobbit? Really? I read the Hobbit like, nine years ago and I'm not that old...


I am at the beginning of everything.
I am found at the end of the universe,
and I am always at the end of time.
I can be found in me, but not in you.
What am I?
Someone had to be nice, especially after you got shut down by Pyro for spamming.

Whats the answer to this?

I make you weak at the worst of all times,
but in the end I keep you safe.
You'll sweat in my prescence even as you grow cold.
I dwell in the weak, rearely the brave,
but without me, who could tell the difference?