Knight of Gold TheLord968
Dec 24, 05 7:59pm
Its been a while since Ive stamped anything at all, but guess this is the best day to do do it, merry Xmas, have fun and take care

Sweettea TheLord968
Aug 20, 05 5:23pm
"Judge Gently"

Pray, don't find fault with the man that limps
Or stumbles along the road.
Unless you have worn the shoes he wears
Or struggled beneath his load.

There may be tacks in his shoes that hurt
Though hidden away from view.
Or the burden he bears placed on your back
Might cause you to stumble too.

Dont sneer at the man who's down today
Unless you have felt the blow
That caused his fall or felt the shame
That only the fallen know.

You may be strong but still the blows
That was his if dealt to you
In the selfsame way, at the selfsame time
Might cause you to stagger too.

Dont be too harsh with the man that sins
Or pelt him with word or stone
Unless you are sure - yea, doubly sure -
That you have no sins of your own.

For you know, perhaps,
If the tempter's voice should whisper as soft to you
As it did to him when he went astray
It might cause you to falter too.
-- Author Unknown

sheik08 TheLord968
Jul 09, 05 5:27am
Guestbook Signing? Guess So!

And here's one where Droid and Eureka jacked off on. ^^

Enjoy. ^^
0Zero0 TheLord968
Jul 03, 05 10:43pm
u r mi hEro plz?
Jacko Jackson TheLord968
Jun 15, 05 10:07pm
Howdy there you fine child. As you may know, two days ago I was found not guilty of all my charges. It just comes to show you I can get away with anything I want. Which is why I want you to spend the night with me at Neverland. I'm throwing a "party" and all kids are invited. Every child deserves a spot in my bed. As long as you keep your dirty mouth shut to the press, we can become best friends. Maybe if you're lucky...we can share the same sleeping bag.

Use you imagination. Then make that imagination...a reality.

Love Always,
Shadow12 TheLord968
Jun 15, 05 5:20am
Happy belated belated belated... *a few long pages later* ... belated waffle day! Yes, I know I'm late. I haven't had a stamp until recently. I'll see you later. Thanks for signing my GB, Justin!
sweet blossom TheLord968
Jun 11, 05 12:03am

Dont you?
lol. hearts awlllways!

Chobi TheLord968
Jun 10, 05 7:00pm
1 (10 inch tube pan) angel food cake
1 (3 ounce) package strawberry flavored gelatin
1 (15 ounce) can sliced peaches
3 bananas
1 (5 ounce) package instant vanilla pudding mix
1 (8 ounce) container frozen whipped topping, thawed
1 (20 ounce) can crushed pineapple, drained

1. Break angel food or pound cake into bite size pieces. Put into a 9x13 inch pan (preferably glass).

2. Dissolve 1 package of flavored gelatin in 1 cup of water and pour over cake pieces, spreading to the edges of pan. Drain the peaches and pour the juice over the gelatin in the pan. Slice bananas on top of gelatin. Arrange peach slices on top of banana slices. If desired, add crushed pineapple.

3. Prepare instant pudding according to instructions on box and spread evenly over fruit.

4. Spread whipped topping on top of the pudding. Try to keep the layers separate.

5. Refrigerate at least 2 hours before serving.

Daisy TheLord968
Apr 19, 05 4:30pm

Here's to making it count!

Yeah, so my recent Hakkai obsession is reaching insane limits,
so I figured I would try to work out some of my issues by posting
his face all over Neo...
Satokasu Suki TheLord968
Apr 17, 05 2:05am

Thanks for being such a great friend. ^^ I'm sure you know it already, but I want you to know that you can always come to me when you have a problem, or if you just want to talk, okay? I'm always here to listen, and talk and--- whoa, I'm getting de ja vu. Have I already given you this speech?

Seriously though XD, any time you just need to talk about something, I'm here.

LOL, dontcha just love that picture? She's like... "lovingly strangling" that kid.

Oh and here, this picture's my stamp at the moment. Kinda big... actually, not that big compared to some of the stamps out there. XD I've seen some that take up like half a page.

WeeeeEEeeeeee, thanks again. Take care!
Punkness TheLord968
Apr 16, 05 2:02am
<begin=automated=message> Alright, I haven't signed anyone's guestbook for a looooong time, so I'm going on a stamping spree!

What's up TheLord? I hope you like my new stamp, and sign back! <end=automated=message>

Enth TheLord968
Apr 14, 05 3:42pm
I'm sorry, I don't know who you are! XD awww - But you signed my guestbook quite a while ago now, and I finally got my new stampy... Stay cool...

~ Enth ~
way2fast10 TheLord968
Apr 08, 05 11:54am
bored so i thought i would sign stampbooks:D
here is one of favourite pictures;

keep it real and ill see u around.
LTKJAY TheLord968
Apr 08, 05 8:57am
Hey BAEBE, how are you?! =D
So yeah, actually gonna post now, so yeah, yeah...yeah...k.

Skaterstar57 TheLord968
Apr 05, 05 7:46am
Hey Justin. I needed to say a few more things to you, but I had to get off of MSN. My arm is still hurting, so I am still trying to write this. Here goes:
Justin, in the short time we have gotten to know each other, it has been a blast. I've known you for about a month, and you are all ready one of my best friends. I wish we were even closer than we are. You have always been there for me when I've been down. Even though I don't say it, but I am often sad. And as soon as you say something like "RARARARARARARARAR" or "YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY" A smile lands on my face. I wish I knew you closer and that I knew you out of this site. I wish I were there to hug you when you needed one instead of just putting *huggles* over the Internet. You've also always believed in me, by saying you know how great I am at ice skating, and wishing me good luck. You have always been there for me, and I wish I could be there for you too. I hope you get out of this rough time, and wish you the best in life. ^^ I know this entry may seem sad, but I mean to show you how much you and your friendship mean to me. I mean, you're a better friend then all of the ones I know in real life combined.


Angel Blade TheLord968
Apr 04, 05 9:25pm
This is a late signing for everyone who signed my guestbook from the time I left, and up to now =) And for uhm... neofriends xDD

Love Chronicle - Changin' My Life ( Performed in Full Moon wo Sagashite)

Naze darou koi no shikata sae sukkari wasureteta
Deai wa itsuka kuru wakare no hajinari to
Itsu no ma ni ka kimetsuketeita

Yogoreta suniikaa no
Hadoketa himo musunde kureta
Hani kamu anata no egao
Asahi wo abite
Tokimeita kyuu ni

Ai saretai kara
Aishitai wake jyanai
ai suru
Yuuki wo kureta ne

Kore kara no tabi ni
Futari ima
Chikau yo
Nani ga atte mo
Kono te hanasanai



Why is it that I've completely forgotten how to love?
We will meet someday... and then go our separate ways again..
Just don't know when it's going to happen.

Whenever the shoelaces on my dirty sneakers came loose...
... you were the one who tied them for me.
That shy smile of yours shines in the morning light.
Suddenly, my heart races...

Just because I wanted to be loved... doesn't mean I want to love..
Give me the courage to love honestly.
I'm going on a journey now. Let the two of us make a vow..
No matter what happens, this hand won't let go.


Ahahaha, love that song *Hearts it* That's right, that's right... who did the translations? I DID *laughs in your face* >_>;; <_<;;

Oh, BTW, if you haven't, you should watch Full Moon wo Sagashite *Advertisement* =3

Love always,
Cdemon TheLord968
Apr 01, 05 8:52am

Mano Chao TheLord968
Mar 30, 05 3:15pm
Wooooooooo watch me sign your guestbook.

In the words of a legend :


If i die tell my badger i said hello but i guess you'd have to make up for whatever you did to him awhile back cause well.....

*bleep* you jespomo's old avatar us ass cracks hate you with a passion.

I'll be watching j00
Child of Death and D TheLord968
Mar 30, 05 11:57am
Saw you in the ToS forum...hope you had a good one...

At least I hope...errr...I don't know where I'm going with this, so I think I'll...errrr....*runs off*

Wei Nan TheLord968
Mar 28, 05 4:40am
Dude, Justin and Mr. Turtle are the freakin' coolest. Y, you ask? Because. Yeah, I said 'y' on purpose just because the YMCA song reminds you of scary gay people. RARARARARARAR: Tell Mr. Turtle I said that.

Sosai X TheLord968
Mar 28, 05 12:34am
Just passing through with my new stamp...!



Take care...
Dan Mumford TheLord968
Mar 27, 05 7:25pm
Happy Easter

As we all know, with easter, the Oompa Loompa's have to work overtime to produce the chocolate that you will be eating, The only way to get them to work harder is to beat them with barbed wire whips and belts, this makes them work almost 10 times faster than usual!
So don't forget when your eating that chocolate, the Oompa Loompa's helped make that chocolate, they put all there blood, sweat and semen into it aswell!

For a limited time only, You too, can be a part of the "Dan Mumford Almighty Oompa Loompa Army"
To sign up, send a cheque of the amount of JUST £15.99 payable to Dan Mumford send to...

Dan Mumford
Oompa Loompa Heights(no pun intended)
Willy Wonka's Factory

Alternatively, send a pm to Dan Mumford With your name and Oompa'rank and your call will be returned shorty and you shall be added to the "Dan Mumford Almighty Oompa Loompa Army" page
Skaterstar57 TheLord968
Mar 27, 05 8:42am
Happy Easter!
Hehe, eat tons of chocolate!
Not too much though, hehehe.
Anyway, here's my stamp:

And here's some humour to cheer up your day.

Cheers! And have a fun Holiday.


P.S You better not eat me since they're are chocolate Laurels now.
jespomo TheLord968
Mar 27, 05 12:28am
Hey there TheLord968

I thought you might enjoy this stamp so here it is

Love from jespomo
Satokasu Suki TheLord968
Mar 24, 05 11:41pm
Heyaaaa! ^^

Have a great Easter. Take care! *hugs*