nadhiya7 TheKingofKings
Mar 02, 08 8:48pm

Just dropping by... Made a new stamp today and I guess I should stamp your guest book as a token of appreciation and thanx for commenting on my digiport...
Dac TheKingofKings
Feb 24, 08 8:09pm
Thanks again for the great Kane header for NWO.......... Hope Neoseeker Wrestling Organization last and becomes very succesful
Christian Cage fan TheKingofKings
Feb 03, 08 11:57am

Thanks for the Impact Header and I will stick with it hope you will read it.
doublehelix08 TheKingofKings
Feb 03, 08 9:19am

The UPWA banner looks friggin great! Thanks a lot! And i'll see you around.

Zhou Tai Rocks TheKingofKings
Feb 02, 08 6:46pm
Thanks loads for the awesome Cody header. I owe you one, so you can have my prized stamp.

Cya around.
WholeDamShow TheKingofKings
Jan 31, 08 9:46am
Thanks for the you know what, for you know what, of you know who. Thatll take some working out lul. It does the job, or at least will do until I find someone new =d

Candersen TheKingofKings
Jan 26, 08 8:38pm
hey thekingofkings.

thanks for the guestbook signing.

heres a stamp

happy australia day btw
The Rock 13 TheKingofKings
Jan 26, 08 9:31am
Thanks for the great Jeff Hardy avvy. My old one was a santa hat, and christmas was a month ago so needed a new one. Ta.

just been
signed by
Da Roc 13!
The Rock 13 TheKingofKings
Dec 25, 07 2:00am
So here it is,
Merry Christmas,
Everybody’s having fun,
Look to the future now
It’s only just begun.

undertaker4ever TheKingofKings
Dec 18, 07 10:49am
Happy Holidays
& a Merry Christmas




Hopkins TheKingofKings
Dec 14, 07 1:42am
OI OI! Hopkins here and he definately ain't queer! Seriously now, you own all because you're the king of *bleep*ing kings!!! That's right! You're *bleep*ING JESUS!
Pedigree TheKingofKings
Dec 14, 07 1:09am
Chill out dude. Stop getting into arguments. I don't know why you seem to argue with my other friends. lol. First edgefan now wyle. lol. Just chill out dude.

And about your request, I'll do it whenever I get the time.


ps: I haven't been on MSN for a while, how's Spud?
Mindgames TheKingofKings
Dec 13, 07 10:13pm
Wassup bruh, you a pretty kool dude so Imma sign ya GB . I don't have a fancy stamp but here is some dope pics.

There ya go, hope ya enjoy and sign back. See ya round brutha, and look foward to hittin u up on msn when I get it back.

Pedigree TheKingofKings
Oct 19, 07 2:41am
Ignore the title, it's a random John Lennon quote.

Anyway, for the last time. It's Filipino! F - I - L. Ah why do I bother?

Hehe. Anyway, you've been cool as of late. Too bad Spud got banned. You two were very interesting to talk to on MSN. I wonder why I don't catch him online.. meh time zones suck ass.

Catch ya later.
Jetpack714 TheKingofKings
Jul 10, 07 11:04am
Thanks anyway for that banner and avy. It looked great. I'm goanna use your avy if you read my post. So, I'll make it my avy tom. Thanks, sign back

Xtreme Pace TheKingofKings
Jul 01, 07 3:36pm

As you see from the 'subject' this is Ignited Flame, I didn't have a stamp under my Ignited Flame account so I dug one out from my XP day's. So here we go, thanks for all the GFX you've done for me in the past, most recently, the three headers.
Lighting TheKingofKings
Jun 24, 07 8:40pm
Thank you so much for your work not only for me, but for Nonstop Championship Wrestling as well. Here is a defiantly well deserved stamp for your appreciated hard work.
The Champ is Here TheKingofKings
Jun 23, 07 4:10am
Thanks for the really awesome!!!! and i mean awesome!!!! ECW banner for my duel diary, it's fantastic i can't say enough, it's so freakin awesome, heres half of my deal, the guestbook signing, when i post my next show i will put the banner on it and give you credit thanks so much!!!
The Wraith TheKingofKings
Jun 09, 07 10:59pm
I'll sign your guest book just so you won't ask.. I don't normally do it because I find it unappealing.. But It's good talking to you on MSN and hopefully you'll put forth more effort everyday in your graphics until you can one day beat me. =]

Take care man.
The Infamous Flave
In Motion TheKingofKings
Jun 07, 07 7:47am
Hey man, just dropping by with a stamp to say thanks for my RP headers, they rock!

The Blode TheKingofKings
Jun 03, 07 6:21am
Thanks for the supersexyawesome Impact Players header. Keep up the good work on your EWR diary, and your GFX. Thanks again.


the blode
Triple 7 TheKingofKings
Jun 03, 07 5:38am
Big shout for those brilliant Belts you made! They rocked out diary's socks lol.

Thanks again! Remember Essendon > Sydney

In Motion TheKingofKings
May 17, 07 6:22am
Thanks for the kick ass stamp man, appreciate, it, it's really good.
JaY_Da_KillA TheKingofKings
Apr 06, 07 3:40pm
Thanks for the banner, I love it, :d:d Nice avatar btw, ciao, btw, I'll use the banner in a few weeks when my spring break is over :]
genius_1000 TheKingofKings
Mar 19, 07 4:39pm
TKOK I think you are the best person to get feedback from. You cover everything and you put a lot of thought into it. Thanks again for commenting.