still workin on everyone's magic and everything. FinalFantasy6Advance GBA
is thinking about sleeping

So what gets someone banned from Xbox LIVE for 9999?  One individual found out the hard way,...

completed everyone's sphere gird and beat penance in the international version. FinalFantasyX PS2
everyone got all possible skills, level 99 and beat ozma. FinalFantasy9 PSX
beat omega and ultima weapons, compatability with all gf's were at 1000, everyone's stats were 255 without junction. FinalFantasy8 PC
cloud and tifa had a et of master materia and vincent had a full set of mastered support materia and a mastered enemy skill materia.... FinalFantasy7 PSX
I might as well have bent this game over and made it my bitch, but I don't really care to play this game over again for like three... TalesOfVesperia X360

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