Jun 3, 10 6:23pm
still workin on everyone's magic and everything. FinalFantasy6Advance
May 16, 10 10:37am
is thinking about sleeping
May 16, 10 2:12am
Fishing in nier
TheImperfectIdeal shared a news (@RabidChinaGirl)
May 15, 10 6:54pm

So what gets someone banned from Xbox LIVE for 9999?  One individual found out the hard way,...

May 15, 10 11:18am
completed everyone's sphere gird and beat penance in the international version. FinalFantasyX
May 14, 10 4:27am
mastered all jobs FinalFantasy5Advance
May 14, 10 3:24am
beat sephiroth on proud KingdomHearts2
May 14, 10 3:17am
everyone got all possible skills, level 99 and beat ozma. FinalFantasy9
May 14, 10 3:17am
beat omega and ultima weapons, compatability with all gf's were at 1000, everyone's stats were 255 without junction. FinalFantasy8
May 14, 10 3:17am
cloud and tifa had a et of master materia and vincent had a full set of mastered support materia and a mastered enemy skill materia.... FinalFantasy7
May 14, 10 2:31am
level 99 summoner. FinalFantasyXI
May 14, 10 2:26am
I might as well have bent this game over and made it my bitch, but I don't really care to play this game over again for like three... TalesOfVesperia

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