Hey Heart Of Darkness I'm Not Sure If You Even Get On Neo Anymore But I Just Wanna Wish You Happy Holidays And Good Luck With Everything You Do. I Can Feel That This Year Is Gonna Be A Good One.

Hey Heart Of Darkness I'm Not Sure If You Even Get On Neo Anymore But I Just Wanna Wish You Happy Holidays And Good Luck With Everything You Do. I Can Feel That This Year Is Gonna Be A Good One.

Yo mann!
Thought I would drop by and leave my stamp.

Yes, it's cool, I know =P
Well, catcha later!
Just randomly signing for no peculiar reason what so ever.
And a pic.>_>
Have talked for a long time!
I think since the Hurt and Heal thread in teh BT2 thread!
Heres my super special sexily awesome stamp!

PM me some time!

Here's a stamp!

Hope ya sign back!
I apologize for being an annoying nuisance who wouldn't shut up. I am sorry for all the bad things that I have done and I swear I won't do it again. But if you don't accept this empathy apology then I will still forgive you besides I have forgiven you guys a long time ago.
Therefore if you don't accept it I will understand.
And if you get this don't erase it but if you want to go ahead. send me a pm when you get the sig.Thank you for reading this and or replying
or something?
Hey just dropping by saying that I've got a new stamp!

Sign back!

Your time has come…
Consider it an act of kindness from myself and let this blessing be with you for the rest of your life.

The Bedonking tradition has begun...

"Bedonking people since April 2007"
Thanks for the avatar, I just found my stamp and thought I'd drop by

Well, since you've random signed my guestbook, I shall random sign your Guestbook! Thx for Naruto stamps, also.

Your Naruto stamps are so cool~
Haha, I tried to submit this with just the title. xD

Mmm, yeah, I just closed my photobucket, so I'm not gonna stamp you. Instead, I'll just ramble, and spam of course.

Umm, let's see...I liked all of those stamps you signed my guestbook with, those are pretty sweet. Also...yeah, that's all I got.

Oh yeah, and I made my school's colorguard team. If you don't know what that is, just wiki it, wiki gives a better explanation than I do anyway. xP

See ya!
Just wanted to say thanks for the sign, and sign your GB in return.

Cya around dude !
Hey. Thanks for the cool Naruto stamps. Hope to get to talk to you some so we can actually get to know each other. Here is a FF8 stamp for you

Catch ya later

Thanks for signing my guestbook, I haven't talked to ya for awhile as well.

See ya around Neo.
Thank you for joining the Sakura Fanclub. You get a cookie. Be careful though, because it's an evil 1337-speaing cookie.

There is you well-deserved stamp. I mean, you stamped me twice!
Hey, thanks for signing my guestbook. I was busy during those days... If u have any problems. just ask me! i'll help u
hi have not been on in a while but got new stamp

Hey! You signed my guestbook, so I'm signing back! ^-^

Oops, wrong one. xD

Here we go! Happy...few months till summer! Don't do drugs, no all-night parties, yada yada yada...aww, screw it, do whatever you want, I'm not your mom. Have fun!!

Your guestbook is now spooky. Does that make me spooky by proximity? Please tell me it makes me spooky by proximity. I'll play the wrist violin until it makes me spooky...

Thanks for the sign.
hey what's up?! I need help beating xemnas when he's in the black and white coat but I think there's something wrong with my playstation 2 cause it won't load the data that I first started so I think I'm going to have to exchange it through Sony I don't know if you've ever had that problem with your playstation 2 before but anyway I'd love to have you help me with Soul Calibur 3 as well.
You sign my guestbook, I sign yours. So here's mah stamp.

Thanks for the stamp!! It's awesome!

Hey dark.. your one of my best neo-friends and i wanted to sign your book hope you like the stamp