Jan 29, 16 11:57pm
Stung by a bee for the 1st time today. Needless to say, I cried like a baby. While my actual 8 month old baby was laughing. fun
Jan 20, 16 12:52am
Dec 31, 15 7:44pm
My dream is telling me to let you go. I saw you with your new girl and all I wanted to do was hide. I didn't want you to see how hurt I was.
Dec 23, 15 9:24pm
Because contrary to life, you don't want to get a lot of head. ;D
Dec 16, 15 5:58pm
You know you live in California when people are decorating their palm trees lol.
Dec 16, 15 11:19am
I'm Mexican American so that means for lunch I get to eat my chilaquiles alongside spaghetti. :)
Dec 13, 15 2:35am
3 Tylenols and 1 codeine later and my toothache it's finally tolerable.
Dec 12, 15 9:04am
Anybody play Smite, on Xbox One? Let's party up!
Dec 10, 15 10:17am
Officially reached 666 forum posts. All hail satan! :D (joking obviously, unless that's your thing)
Dec 09, 15 2:07pm
I love that my baby girl falls asleep right after her bath. :)
Dec 09, 15 8:12am
When your daughter learns how to say 'apa' in other words daddy, before she learns mami. :(
TheGirlGamer shared a forum thread (@Child of Death and D)
Dec 08, 15 1:29pm
Never too late to spread that holiday cheer. :)

quote SeldomHarvest Moon girl did this last year in the Lobby and it was a resounding failure. Here's hoping this one goes better.That's cause people totally suck. Though half the people did actually send their gifts.I'm in, I suppose.

Dec 07, 15 2:00am
I just heard my door knob rattle as if someone was trying to open my door but there's no in the house that's awake except me.
Dec 06, 15 10:24pm
My brother should be a commentator. Got a triple kill in Smite and he said "Even my panties dropped." Needless to say I burst out laughing.
Dec 05, 15 7:35pm
There is a difference between lesbian porn and porn for lesbians.
Dec 03, 15 8:50pm
Dec 03, 15 6:38pm
Come on Packers! Get your act together!! GoPackGo
Dec 02, 15 12:21am
"I don't have a crush on you, but I'd do you."
TheGirlGamer shared a forum thread
Sep 10, 15 3:14pm

_Hello, I'm trying to 100% the game and I tried to solve this riddle in the clock tower "Joining your mission can co

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