I mean, how do you see if they are flawless and such? Thanks for reply.

I got a few Gibles with egg move Outrage if anyone is intersted. Gimme a shout on what u can offer for it.

Hey guys. Im looking for a female adament Gible. If anyone got let me know what u want back.

Hey guys. Anyone know where the earthquka TM is?

Im trying to evolve my eevee into sylveon, but whatver i do, or how i pet my eevee it wont raise to more than 1 heart.. Is th

Hello. I got 3xCharmenders 3xFennikens 2xSquirtles I would love to get a light stone or a dratini. OR something els

So i was rather disapointet there was only 8 badges to collect, i was hoping for some more action. What are people doing a

As headline said, i caught Yveltal on my 2nd ultraball. How many trys did you have?

Headline says it all :) Thanks in advance. My FC are in my signature.

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