mfc TheCrippler
Feb 28, 07 6:54pm
Well I've just seen that you have signed my guestbook (Shows hiow many times I actually look at it) and I thought I would repay te favour and sign yours. Our fued in TNW was one of the best I have had and I hope one day if you return to Rp'ing we can pick up where we left off
static_puzzle TheCrippler
Jan 14, 07 6:40pm
Thanks a bunch for signing my guestbook. I have nothing but the same to say to you, a great diary that I am interested in. Keep up the good work and thanks for all the praise.
Filter TheCrippler
Jan 10, 07 5:24pm
Hi, Crippler. I'm just signing your guestbook since your diary is one of the best diaries the EWR forum has ever seen, and it even inspired me to make my own, which I know is still on the rocks, I hope it could take off and gain flight..enough about my diary, let's talk about yours. I love the feuds currently happening, ie Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H, I hope you end it right. Not too interested with the Burchill Kane feud though. But whatever storyline with Kane is in, that is an instant classic!

That is all. Expect more signings once you post more high quality shows.

~ filter
the lynx TheCrippler
Dec 09, 06 1:59pm
Thanks for signing my diary regulary and thanks for the guestbook signing. So i'm just giving you a thanks in return, here have a stamp