Well, I was born in the UK, and grew up in the UK. Games were always a big part of my childhood (among other things too) although I maybe dont play on them as much as I used to, I doubt I ever will grow out of them entirely. I'm now [s]at a training academy to learn about IT.[/s] [s]working in a crappy call centre FML[/s] Jobless FML x2.

I'm a talkative person, and don't mind whether I have a debate/discussion, or just a nice little chat. If you do feel like chatting to me, just PM me, who knows you may just get to like me..


I dont have many intrests and the only ones I could claim to have would be consoles...obviously. Some of my friends would say i'm a ninty fanboy, But not anymore cause I sold my Wii, and lent out my 360 to a friends, and bought a PC. I'm coming up in the world.

Saying that... I am a HUGE fan of retro. SoR2 is one of my all time favourites.

I also now own a 3DS.


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