Consolewarmovie? What the hell could that mean?? read more

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Furst lololol!! Can wait now I'm gonna explode with multitudes of nerdy juices read more

I hated the last one, the font was ugly, the colour was ugly and the swirly window thing was ugly. I like squares as... read more

I don't think kinect is worth anything over £100. There just isn't enough quality games, the only notable one I can... read more

Wait. Is that the actual ps4 or os it just speculation? read more

The remote is kinda pointless imo everyone should have one or two controllers already if you don't have hdmi you've... read more

Furst! Lololol I can't wait for the tennis now looks awesome parachuting tennis tho hmmm read more

I would choose the bike over the plane or car any day I really hope the super jump cheat for it makes a return read more

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Really looking forward to this but only 85? Lego Harry Potter years 5-7 had about 200 read more

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