Nooooooo!!!! I don't have XBL or any possible way to get it. So how badly is my game gonna be glitching read more

Ha it turns out Connor was a badass even when he was 5. We also saw his mother for the first time which was... read more

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I'm hoping that you don't always detach the hidden blades. I love the way you fight with them in Revelations. read more

Wow Connor seems invincible, it makes you wonder why they can't beat the Templars. read more

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R.I.P Sniggit. I never knew you at all as I joined after you passed on but I really wish I joined before and gotten... read more

That is absolutely epic too bad I've already pre ordered the normal version I know I can withdraw it but I'm... read more

So is it that you don't need the first disc to play multiplayer? If that's the case then I can just sell disc 2 read more

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Isn't it $25 plus VAT for Windows 8? But this is getting extremely off topic. PM? read more

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Not to mention that you get a $60 game with it as well read more

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I was thinking that too THM its a Balrog btw I highly doubt that its a LOTR game they're making. read more

Yes I love these videos but I'm gonna wait until I'm home to watch it. read more