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This just makes me wonder what Redguard is now if it isn't an add-on for Skyrim. Maybe the next Elder... read more

I hate the PS3 controller. It feels all cheap and plasticy and the two analog sticks are too close together and... read more

I'm wondering if the money Sony pays Ubisoft to make it an exclusive, pays more than what they would get if Xbox and... read more

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Bullshit tbh. Fed up up with Bethesda shitting on PC and PS3 now. They have no reason to do it.
Except... read more

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That's a happy battle cry if you're confused. read more

Seems a bit of a coincidence when they mention Apple now and there's an iMac in their second trailer. read more

I think Dawnguard would be worth it just for the face that you can talk to a Snow Elf, especially for a mega TES... read more

At least now the GOTY edition will be worth buying. Frankly the inclusion of goblins is enough for me. Really missed... read more