coolNintedoboy TheAtarisJJ
Jul 15, 04 7:07am
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coolNintedoboy TheAtarisJJ
Jul 15, 04 6:53am
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Little Miss Magic TheAtarisJJ
Jun 03, 03 11:06pm
Hey I just thought I'd come past and sign your guestbook 'cause your name is cool.
I don't suppose you'll read this 'cause you don't seem to have signed in for a while now but hey, it's the thought that counts

Take it easy,

Keith Nallawalla TheAtarisJJ
Dec 21, 02 2:59pm
Hi its Keith (i helped you out in the 007 Nightfire multiplayer thread)

you have pretty good taste in games (i have lots of them) and you sure get around i see your name in lots of the forums that i go to and some of the stuff you submitted helped me out and saved me a lot of time so thanks!

i got Super Smash Bros Melee today so i'm going to go see what you have posted there

also i noticed that you posted cheats for the fellowship of the ring on Xbox.... I have to write a review for the PC and GBA versions of it

I'll see about starting a Multiplayer FAQ for Nightfire in January when i get back from the US cos i have to write my reviews before i do anything else or my editor will get mad at me again.

anyway bye and keep up the good work
SupaFlyKillaGuy TheAtarisJJ
Dec 19, 02 6:31am
LoL, just today i started looking around my prefs and such, and wouldnt ya know it, i have a guestbook lol. U prob dont remember me but u signed my guestbook in october about me helping you in starfox, I only rented the game so i couldnt help for much longer because i started forgetting things. Well im signing your guestbook. so... Hey
super sonic ultra TheAtarisJJ
Dec 10, 02 12:48am
Thanks for signing my guestbook! And thanks for all of your contributions to the forum. I enjoy talking with you and am looking forward to see more of you at the forum.
Mewtew41 TheAtarisJJ
Nov 22, 02 7:02am
Hello The AtarisJJ! I'm here signing you guestbook because you signed mine and I wanted to return the favor. See you at the Supoer Smash Bros. Melee Forum!
Hiya 13 TheAtarisJJ
Nov 17, 02 10:43am
Hiya Just wanted to sign your guest book because I see you around the SA2:B fourm!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!
wipeout TheAtarisJJ
Nov 17, 02 10:07am
I have seen you alot in the super smash brothers fourm and you asked me to sign your guestbook well guess what im doing signing your guestbookSee you on the fourms!
eaglefire6 TheAtarisJJ
Nov 12, 02 2:02am
Its been cool talking to ya in the PD2 forum. Just don't leave us there like so many have before.
Triforce Holder TheAtarisJJ
Oct 24, 02 5:13pm
Hi, well, you requested for me to sign your guestbook, I am! Well, I'm glad to see another regular poster in the Star Fox Adventures Forum. i might actually mod that forum!
Octarine Skye TheAtarisJJ
Oct 14, 02 10:35pm
I stamp you, eh?

By the way, it's Octarine Skye.
Amourette TheAtarisJJ
Oct 02, 02 5:00am
Stamped with love! Omnia vincit amor.
Q22 TheAtarisJJ
Sep 08, 02 11:27pm

Orange Jinjo Guy TheAtarisJJ
Sep 04, 02 2:23am
Hey, I have seen you in a few of the forums, and I am signing your guestbook! Thank you for signing my guestbook, also. I'll see you are around in the forums, bye!

-Orange Jinjo Guy
Lo Malo TheAtarisJJ
Aug 27, 02 12:56pm
seeya on the SSBM forum.
Mystery TheAtarisJJ
Aug 27, 02 6:56am
You signed my guestbook and asked me to sign yours so I am signing your guestbook... It has to be 125 charcters. Didn't know that. O well. Just wasting 'characters'.
Gaucho TheAtarisJJ
Aug 19, 02 12:50am
Hey John, its jorge, just here to sign your guestbook...see you around the forums...oh by the way, good luck in school....beat rickie like i did in the first SSB, k bye...
Mewtew41 TheAtarisJJ
Aug 19, 02 12:41am
Hi TheAtarisJJ, wow that's a lot of reviews. You're in the Top 10 I bet! Anyway, I'm signing this because you signed mine, and I decided to return the favor. Well, see you in the SSBM forums!
watt_4 TheAtarisJJ
Aug 18, 02 10:28pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook!
Hope to see you around!
Neo Master TheAtarisJJ
Aug 18, 02 10:52am
Hey TheAtarisJJ!Thanks for signing my guestbook!I will also ad you to my buddies.I see you around the SSB:M forums too.Well,cya around the forums!BYE!
Shocker TheAtarisJJ
Aug 03, 02 11:34pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook. You wanted me to sign yours too, so here I am. See ya around the forums.

Shocker <('.'<)
Megaman Trebuchet TheAtarisJJ
Aug 02, 02 1:55am
right... I have a bit of free time, and your guestbook is there, so... I've seen you around luigi's mansion a lot, and Je déteste votre titre fait sur commande.
Roy TheAtarisJJ
Jul 31, 02 6:41pm
Hi I am signing your guestbook. By the way what forums do you go to? Do you want to join my forum. I will send you link if you NEOPM me.
tarepon TheAtarisJJ
Jul 30, 02 9:05am
Thanks for signing my guestbook. I saw you at the ssbm forum so I guess I'll see you there. Keep up the good work posting.