Tidus99999 The5thAvocado
Sep 09, 08 9:39am
I'll be your friend...

til the end...
darkpheonixfire The5thAvocado
Jun 06, 07 2:24am
Erm...I'm signing cause I'm cool like that!!!

Darn this no-under125 char limit! THAT'S IT!

Ok, so, when you fuse the pokemon have a white background without the wierd outline, k?
Stuy The5thAvocado
Feb 21, 07 7:08am

Stuy The5thAvocado
Jan 27, 07 7:10am
Thanks for being my NeoFriend, you're an awesome person. =DD You deserve some sort of an award or something, lol. x]

Talk to yah soon, <3
Ironraven The5thAvocado
Jan 13, 07 3:53am
Everyone knows Jesus The man who healed the lame. But I am Jesus' brother K is my name. Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Jesus is the Lamb. Jesus is the Son of God But K don't give a damn. Cuz when I'm in sight We'll party all damn night. I don't turn water into wine But into cold Coors Light. I'm not my brother, I know, Don't walk on H2O But I got hydroponic shit that me and Judas grow. I'm *bleep*in K I'm *bleep*in K I'm *bleep*in K K Christ I hang out with Lepers, Barabas and Salome. Jesus' friends are called Apostles. Those dudes are totally gay. Jesus performs miracles From Galilee to Rome. But it would be a miracle If he brought a *bleep*in lady home. Because when Jesus is prayin *bleep*in K is layin Every lady in the Testament You know what im sayin? I won't die for your sins Like my famous kin. But if you have a little sister Then theres room at this inn. I'm *bleep*in K I'm *bleep*in K I'm *bleep*in K K Christ Jesus was our mothers fave All her love to him she gave. But there's no sibling rivalry When he's nailed to that tree. YEEEAAAHHHH And now the question for you Is not "What Would Jesus Do?" But where will you be When the K Machine comes partyin through? And if the Lord will allow You've got to ask yourself how, and who and why and when and where is your messiah now? It's *bleep*in K *bleep*in K *bleep*in K I'm *bleep*in K K Christ. K Christ. K Christ. I'm *bleep*in K
TVI The5thAvocado
Dec 20, 06 2:04am
Hey, have a merry christmas and a happy new year. Its not a present, but its a slightly odd looking stamp...

Punk100 The5thAvocado
Nov 23, 06 12:25am
i see u alot online so have this and this
Angelic Serenity The5thAvocado
Nov 06, 06 11:03pm
Congrates, you are one of the chosen ones that has been...err, well randomly chosen to be stamped because I'm on one of my signing sprees.

Best wishes to you, you very random person you!!
ChRisSy_1 The5thAvocado
Aug 25, 06 5:03am
Something about your avatar looked familiar as I was scrolling down, and I realized it was Stephanie, atleast I think so. Anyways, that show is skill. Kudos to you my friend.

four eyes The5thAvocado
Jun 23, 06 6:57pm
Hey You (Waters) 4:39

Hey you, out there in the cold
Getting lonely, getting old
Can you feel me?
Hey you, standing in the aisles
With itchy feet and fading smiles
Can you feel me?
Hey you, dont help them to bury the light
Don't give in without a fight.

Hey you, out there on your own
Sitting naked by the phone
Would you touch me?
Hey you, with you ear against the wall
Waiting for someone to call out
Would you touch me?
Hey you, would you help me to carry the stone?
Open your heart, I'm coming home.

But it was only fantasy.
The wall was too high,
As you can see.
No matter how he tried,
He could not break free.
And the worms ate into his brain.

Hey you, standing in the road
always doing what you're told,
Can you help me?
Hey you, out there beyond the wall,
Breaking bottles in the hall,
Can you help me?
Hey you, don't tell me there's no hope at all
Together we stand, divided we fall.

[Click of TV being turned on]
"Well, only got an hour of daylight left. Better get started"
"Isnt it unsafe to travel at night?"
"It'll be a lot less safe to stay here. You're father's gunna pick up our trail before long"
"Can Loca ride?"
"Yeah, I can ride... Magaret, time to go! Maigret, thank you for everything"
"Goodbye Chenga"
"Goodbye miss ..."
"I'll be back"

Iconic The5thAvocado
Jun 12, 06 10:52am

I thought I would bless you...

Ameeeeeerican Dreaaaaaaam
He's just a common man
Working hard with his hands
He's just a common man
Working hard for the man
Hey he's American Dream
Hey he's American Dream
If you are black or white*
Redneck bucket backs four wives*
Blew right through kaleidoscope*
Common man has got his gold
Hey he's American Dream
Hey he's American Dream
The American Dream
Yeah Yeah Yeah
The American Dream

dark cheif The5thAvocado
May 30, 06 8:00pm
Green day does rules! lol as you requested i signed back
Blue Star The5thAvocado
Apr 20, 06 6:08am
random signing from kumi ^.^

K1 Kool Fresh The5thAvocado
Feb 17, 06 8:56am

Chain Chomp The5thAvocado
Jan 13, 06 9:46am
Signing it personally or stamping it? I kinda do both, I like to ramble in peoples books...

Seen as I do it all day long anyways.

Chain Chomp

Vito The5thAvocado
Jan 13, 06 8:13am

haha have a great year.... and stuff.... well this sucks that you need a certain amount of letters...
Jax06 The5thAvocado
Dec 07, 05 7:17am
Just thought I'd drop by to wish you a Merry Christmas, friend.

See ya around.
Chilli Jester The5thAvocado
Nov 22, 05 10:32pm
your creative avatar stood out while reading a bunch of random post, very creative. I like it.

The False Pumpkin The5thAvocado
Nov 02, 05 2:10am




ChRisSy_1 The5thAvocado
Oct 30, 05 3:47am
Hey, thanks for the signing my guestbook, Sorry for the late signing, but anyways here my re4 stamp, thats all i have for now.

and yes i am canadian,and YES i am a girl!
Friction The5thAvocado
Oct 13, 05 3:20am
First off, thank you for the G-Book signature! It is quite scary you know !
But thank you for participating in the Halloween Party. Your time will be greatly rewarded on Halloween. But in the mean time:

Rude_Boy_Loves_SKA The5thAvocado
Oct 12, 05 9:51pm
Ska does rule.
I saw Catch 22 not too long ago, and the Aquabats over the summer.

And I'm in Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA! hahah.

home of the Madd Hatters
Steel Magnolia The5thAvocado
Oct 03, 05 1:22pm
Hello mate, thanks for signing my book.

The Shape The5thAvocado
Sep 27, 05 8:27pm
Hi, I've seen you a lot around the Halo 3 forum (100 posts already ), so I thought I would sign your guestbook. I do not currently have a stamp, although someone is in the process of making me one, so I could always stamp at a later date.

See you around...
TurMoiL911 The5thAvocado
Sep 11, 05 3:27am
Just because you stamped mine. I still don't know why. You have a guy in your head that goes "Un-friggin'-believible !!!" ? My guy just keep going "Kill, kill, KILL !!!"

He scares me.