Dance until your feet hurt. Sing until your lungs hurt. Act until you're William Hurt.
Sometimes everybody's online at the same time and you think it's going to be like the old days, but then everyone just sort of disappears...
When bae doesn't tell you that he got promoted to mod GL ;(
Wish I could change my title back to "High on N" because of all this norepinephrine in my system.
Girl now dont fall to pieces on me, but she cried her eyes out, literally.
Yes, I get it. You have guns. You can shoot them in your back yard. Now please stop so my dog will shut the hell up.
Two fat people walking next to each other on the sidewalk. I'm forced to step off the curb to pass them. Nearly hit by a car.
My GameCube is broken. Need Xbox version. SoulCalibur2 PS2

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