Ironraven The5thAvocado
Dec 19, 15 3:13pm
Friendly reminder there are only 326 shopping days left until next year's 1337speak Day
Oct 19, 15 1:37pm
Kinetic text back game weak af
Dragonmaiden The5thAvocado
Aug 27, 15 4:35am
Thanks for signing... I bet Guestbooks were fun :P
Aug 17, 15 3:01am
"I was wondering why you're wearing assless chaps." "'Tis because I AM an assless chap!"
Jul 31, 15 12:08am
Whenever I get drunk, I miss my brother. Is that weird?
Apr 06, 15 10:11am
Dance until your feet hurt. Sing until your lungs hurt. Act until you're William Hurt.
Mar 28, 15 11:30pm
Sometimes everybody's online at the same time and you think it's going to be like the old days, but then everyone just sort of disappears...
Mar 07, 15 5:54pm
When bae doesn't tell you that he got promoted to mod GL ;(
Jan 17, 15 3:40pm
Wish I could change my title back to "High on N" because of all this norepinephrine in my system.
Oct 31, 14 10:11pm
Girl now dont fall to pieces on me, but she cried her eyes out, literally.
Oct 18, 14 4:13pm
Yes, I get it. You have guns. You can shoot them in your back yard. Now please stop so my dog will shut the hell up.
Sep 30, 14 8:46pm
Two fat people walking next to each other on the sidewalk. I'm forced to step off the curb to pass them. Nearly hit by a car.
Sep 29, 05 10:01am
My GameCube is broken. Need Xbox version. SoulCalibur2

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