LF Giratina, Groudon, Manaphy, Shaymin, and Zekrom FT Shiny Dialga, Shiny Darkrai, Meloetta, Arceus, and Shiny Genesect. I

Yes I offer collateral. I do not want to keep these pokemon, I only need their entries in the pokedex so I can earn my shiny

I will trade these all back to you, I simply need their enteries in the pokedex. I still need several legendary pokemon, but

I am willing to trade my spare Kyurem for it though I also have three shiny trophy pokemon to choose from.

I am willing to trade my shiny mew for a victini, I also have others I could trade. Just be aware that they are clones. I als

I will offer a dream ball female with HA for a female Moon ball Absol.

An unnerve Meowth, Female Moody Snorunt, Female Frisk Duskull, or a HA Misdreavous. Also a dream ball pokemon or shiny foongu

I would like an unnerve meowth I am willing to trade a dream ball wonderskin skitty or another dream ball hidden ability poke

I am looking for cat pokemon like Skitty and Meowth with their hidden abilities. 5IVs would be nice. I am willing to trade on

Yes, I know skitty is a weak pokemon and not viable competitively, that doesn't stop me from wanting a Skitty with wonder

I would prefer that the Pikachu be female and have 5IVs, but if not I'll just take any Pikachu with lightning rod. I can

Articuno is the last pokemon I need for the Kalos pokedex, please help me by trading me. I will trade back if I have to.

I have a bug safari with Paras and Beautifly for sure. I can never remember the last one. My info is in my signature.

Please help me out. I will give it back, I promise.

I will add anyone, but I would love to add a ditto safari and a Pikachu safari the most. I have bug, I think. My FC and IGN a

I will trade my Zapdos for someone's Arcticuno, I need it for my pokedex.

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