I was born, i found Anime...

My username comes from Bleach, which WAS my favorite Anime when i made this account

I have had 2 differnt accounts in the past, You get no link because i cant find them XD


Anime ^_^

Anime's I've watched:

Dragonball Z(Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)
Dragonball GT(Talk about a down grade -.-)
Naruto(So...many...flashbacks, damn it Sasuke)
Full metal alchemist(Im not going to lie, my fav character is Major Armstrong)
Love Hina(I didnt know what to watch, so a random pick, pretty good)
Death note(Anyone else think L and Light were gonna make out after the foot massage?)
Utimate girls(I picked a random Anime of a list XD crap but fun)
Kanon 2006(3 times)(This is freaking amazing, just freaking amazing, The best I've seen, I've lost count how many times ive watched Ayu's arc)
Air Tv(I really thought this would be better...its overated =()
Kanon(Original)(To ruuushed >_<, nowhere near as good as the remake...yet the last ep was better than the in the remake O.o)
Ikkitousen(The perv in me got boerd)
Elfen lied(Deep storylines <3 and BIG SEXY PINK EYES)
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya(The last broadcasted episode was made of win)
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni(For all the violence and freaky shit, Rika-chan is *bleep*ing adorable)
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai(Rika-chan isent so adorable when shes serious =()
5 Centimeters Per Second(hella well animated)
School days(What a lovely way to end a relationship...Gets points for the first anime that made me want to punch the main character for being such a dick)
Ef - a tale of memories(This is hella good, really quite flawless TBH)
Air the movie(TBH, I liked it more than the series, none of that reincarnation as a crow crap)
Myself; Yourself(Incest, Emo's and black blood.....intresting concept...good nonetheless)
Gift, Eternal Rainbow(Camp name, i'll give it that)
Sola(Made of win, Its funny how the fight scenes are short and few in number, but better than bleach or naruto)
Da Capo(So its basicly about a selfish clingy bitch called nemu, no idea why i watched it to the end)
Claymore(So this little puff Raki cries like a bitch all the way, sucks at every thing and is a genaral annoyance, and the little twat isnt even brused in they end)
Lucky Star(There's something about this that pulls you in for more...)
Shakugan no Shana(Depending on the second season, i may or may not slag off the ending)

Currently watching:

Naruto shippuden(Ongoing)(Wow these people sure know how to stand around staring)
Bleach(Ongoing)(Aizen-sama is teh sex =D)
Clanned(ongoing)(Needs less Fuko D=)
H2O: Footprints in the Sand(ongoing)(Hamaji is a guy!!?? >_O)
Shuffle!(At least i would be if i coul actually find the damn episodes)

Watched and Stoped:

D. Grey man ep 17(The first few eps rocked, then it got dull when they went into the 'revesing town')
Dragonball ep 27(i could find the next ep so i went onto Naruto, I really nead to finish this at some point)
Ranma 1/2 season2 ep5-6(It just got preditable and dull for me, that and i could only find dub(shrudders)
Cowboy bepbop ep 3(I just couldnt get into it tbh)
Pokemon(Watched it as a kid, its to kiddy for me now)
Black cat ep 1(umm...i think kanon put me off fighting anime...)
Chobits ep 5(Apparantly DearS was a total rip off of this, its not that simaler...)
Futakoi Alternative ep 3(I have NO idea what was going on in this thing, i have no idea why i started watching it)
Da Capo second season ep10 (I just wasnt intrested in the least, Hating the main characters didnt help)

Favorite Anime: Kanon 2006

Second favorite Anime: Ef - A Tale of Memories

Favorite Anime character: Ayu Tsukimiya(Kanon 2006)

Second favorite Anime character: Mai Kawasumi(Kanon 2006)

Favorite Anime episode: Kanon 2006: episode 22

Favorite Anime scene: Kanon 2006: episode 14: When Mai flips out, smashes a load of shit, then trys to kill herself before breaking into tears

Favorite Anime BG music: Shoujo no Ori(Mai's theme)(You guessed it, Kanon 2006)

Favorite Anime opening theme: Unsure atm =/

Favorite Anime ending theme: I'm Here: Ef - A Tale of Memories

Favorite Anime hair (XD): Ryuya(I think its spelt like that)(Air TV)

Least favorite Anime character: Makoto Itou(School days)

Least favorite Anime episode: One of the Naruto fillers

Least favorite Anime(out of the ones watched all the way though): Ulimate girls, i did that for the lol

I read abit of manga too...

Naruto(Got sick of hearing spoilers)
Bleach(Same here)
Kanon(Sigh, Im to obsessed with this)
The legend of Zelda OOT, MM, MC, OOS, OOA(Yay for Zelda)
Death note(Apparantly the manga's ending was way better, so i checked it out)
Gantz(I cant find Jap w/eng subs, ANYWHERE >_<)

I also have an unexplained obsession with Torkoal recently


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