The Writer
Oct 21, 12 3:57am
Oh my god Accent Core Plus R want. ;-;
The Writer
Jul 22, 11 4:41am
Oh my god Hokuto no Ken on Hulu want. ;-;
The Writer
May 31, 11 8:38pm
got a ring in dere last night
The Writer
May 18, 11 2:42am
is people
The Writer
May 5, 11 9:38am
just won $20
The Writer
Mar 31, 11 6:33pm
The Writer
Mar 4, 11 9:09pm
is on meds now
The Writer
Aug 4, 09 10:23pm
The Writer blogged
Jan 11, 09 6:04pm

I've said I'd leave Neo for a long time, and never have, until now. This leaving is for the better, because I was immensely depressed by the site. I believe leaving will ease a lot of stress in my life. If you still want/need to contact me, here's my MSN and Xbox Live Gamertag:

MSN: adamhill[at]live[dot]com
Gamertag: SpiredWarrior

neoseeker related
The Writer blogged
Dec 11, 08 3:16am

This is easily my favorite mmo, it's just so deep and it feels like you're actually playing a game, unlike most mmos. If you're playing it too, PM me your in game name. =D

PS. Tomorrow I will write a user review for it.

shin megami tensei pc
The Writer
Dec 10, 08 2:46am
I'm gonna write a review later ShinMegamiTenseiOnlineImagine

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