Infinite The Wraith
May 06, 10 3:02pm
Man it's been such a long time since we last talked man, what's being going on with you man? Hope shit's been good for you bro. Haha we used to do some crazy shit back in the days, kinda miss them, lol.
undertaker4ever The Wraith
Dec 17, 07 8:21pm
Happy Holidays
& a Merry Christmas




HBK619 The Wraith
Dec 09, 07 5:54am
How's it hanging?
Metallica The Wraith
Sep 24, 07 10:25pm

Just realised you signed my guestbook, i don't have a stamp so have a very large picture of Mr Hetfield because you are a fan of one of the greatest bands ever MetallicA \m/.

Cya around dude. stay metal.
Pheonix_Flame The Wraith
Sep 16, 07 11:17pm
I just want to thank you for the great MVP banner you made for me.
You are really the GFX maker in Neoseeker.
I would stamp you but I don't have a stamp, I'll sign your guestbook again when I get a hold of a MVP stamp.

doublehelix08 The Wraith
Sep 03, 07 5:57pm
I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you making that stamp for me. And I'm going to let you be the first one who recieves this new stamp. Thanks man, I'll see you around.

Chubbie Huicho The Wraith
Aug 17, 07 10:30am
Thanks for the awesome stamp and the other work you've done for me lol...I'll vote for you in the awards..

J Bro The Wraith
Aug 13, 07 10:27pm
Thanks for editing my Samoa Joe header. You are not bad with graphics. Now just like I promised, a stamp. Don't get too eager again like you did in the GFX request thread again ya hear? Good boy.

Hopkins The Wraith
Aug 13, 07 12:18pm
Thanks for the cool sig you made for me. I appreciate it.

Keep making graphics and keep posting around neoseeker.

Once again thanks.
Chubbie Huicho The Wraith
Aug 09, 07 11:06am

Thanks for the cm punk banner you made me its pretty took me awhile to sign your guestbook but I didn't forget..
venom The Wraith
Jul 24, 07 4:28pm
Thanks for the awesome banner you made for me. I appreciate it, and you asked me to sign so here I am returning the favour. I don't really know what else to say except see you round the forums.

WillBaxter93 The Wraith
Jul 24, 07 3:40pm
The Wraith, could you please make me a Bobby Lashly stamp saying "Stamped by Willbaxter93" on it please. I will sign your guesty if you do it.
Mindgames The Wraith
Jul 21, 07 9:59am
Wats good Flave. Thanks for the header. Knew I could count on my bro from anotha mo' for it. See ya round road dogg. Peace---

Mindgames The Wraith
Jul 08, 07 11:44pm
Hey Flave. True legend of Neoseeker lol. Yeah great times we used to have, Neo sure has changed but its all good. We still pimpin. Ight Flave, stay up cuz.

undertaker4ever The Wraith
Jul 03, 07 9:31am
i see u do really good on the GFX
i thought id sign ur guestbook
feel free to sign mine

Iconic The Wraith
Jun 27, 07 7:42am
OKAY!!, Sup Flave just thought I'd stop by and stamp you. Seems logical afterall so yeah I'd stamp you but I currently don't have one so just sup..
TheKingofKings The Wraith
Jun 23, 07 3:44pm
Yo David, I just have to say thanks for everything. I love how you teached me some techniques with Photoshop. I enjoy our little MSN Convosations, and it was a honour pWNING someone with you haha lol. Here, I'll pass the joint to ya, nudge nudge.

Chubbie Huicho The Wraith
Jun 18, 07 6:37pm
Thanks for it, it looks great here you go:

I like the stamp too by the way
In Motion The Wraith
Jun 15, 07 6:51pm
Well, you asked in the OD thread, so here ye go!

Samoan Spike The Wraith
Jun 12, 07 7:41pm
Thanks For Both The Avatar And Banner They Are Great!

See You Around The Forums
Infinite The Wraith
Jun 09, 07 11:53pm
What's going on Dave? Thanks for making the banner for me, it looks bomb as I expected. I really appreciate it homie. Well I just figured I'd sign the old guestbook for ya. I'll hit you up on MSN later.
TheKingofKings The Wraith
Jun 09, 07 7:27am

Thanks Flave, you trully are da best~

Chubbie Huicho The Wraith
Jun 08, 07 4:55pm
Alright then here we go
Thanks for the stamp flave it's great.

Sign back(watch flave, not sign back)
zhaoyun770 The Wraith
Jun 08, 07 8:33am

Holy Crud, that's a good banner!! Thanks dude... Have a stamp.. Es nice!
mfc The Wraith
Apr 10, 07 10:16pm
Thanks for the great headers you just made, it shows how good of a graphics maker you are when you can make both Scotty Too Hotty look like the devil. I would show you a stamp at this point but I'll leave you with the thought that you have been stamped by me:).