Just making the signature dude!

Looks like you have been around for a while now. I'm usually on and off, so I come as I go. Maybe I'll cya around here.

By the way, watch out for flamers. Take it easy.
your a big sym fan right. I figured well in ur sig it said please so here i am. U can sign mine if you want but remember i signed yours.

ur a big sym fan right. I fiquered well in ur sig it saud please so here i am. U can sign mine if you want but remember i signed yours.

Shut Your Mouth and MK Deadly Alliance are the best fighting games ever. You probly agree with me so I felt like signing your guestbook.
thanks for the banner i want u to do another one ive just pmd u about the details. ive seen u bout the sym forum and i just wanted to say hi.
Well, I just wanted to do myself the honour of signing your guest book. Thanks for replying my forum posts and maybe i will be seeing a lot of you on my posts. bye

Be happy for you are one of Ugo's friends.
hehe on sd4 forum im only 181 postes away to beating u!damn thats a lot though:(well im still gonna get ya
wheppers gotta go
Peace out
Hey I've seen you around the SYM forum and you seem like a good person I will probably get to speak to you again in the next Smackdown forum..



im signing this becouse i thought i signed it a long time ago well i am now im signing this becuose you seem to be the first to look at my threads and me yours hope you dont stop posting and i finally found the anser to the trivie thing
from scorpion VS subzero
I really thought I signed this long ago! Oh well... Well I am now! I'm just going around signing the books of people who have really gained my respect and since thats the case, you should have been one of the first books I signed! I've been in chats with you since the JBI days over a year ago and my respect has grown higher for you. You are one of the most intelligent posters in the SYM forums and you are one of the most respectful! So to show my appreciation, I am signing this book! Hope to see you post more in SYM in the future!

Take care.