The Strikester is playing Nintendogs: Chihuahua and Friends
is playing Guitar: Rock Tour
Boxing: Strikester def Victor First Round: Victor down twice Second Round: Strikester down once, Victor down once WiiSports Wii
SCORES FORM LAST NIGHT Baseball: Yellows 5 def Blacks 0 First Innings: 5-0 WiiSports Wii
won 5-0 at Baseball on Wii Sports! BOOYAH!
Gonna play with my friend when she comes today NintendogsChihuahuaandFriends DS
Awesome racer! One of the best I've ever played! NeedForSpeedHotPursuit2 PS2
Simple tennis game brought to the Wii. Nice use of the Wiimotes. MarioPowerTennis GC
Fed Molly, Tom and Daisy. Will walk them soon NintendogsChihuahuaandFriends DS
DOGS: Molly (Boxer) Tom (Chihuahua) Daisy (Cavalier KC Spaniel) NintendogsChihuahuaandFriends DS
Ate Your Cheeseburger
The Strikester Ate Your Cheeseburger
Very simple. Took me 25 minutes to complete MonsterTrucksDS DS
Very nice multiplayer board game MarioParty8 Wii

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