Keeps1117 The Stig
Aug 12, 07 9:29pm
hi you seem to be nice and like the sorta games i like so here have a stamp

cambam The Stig
Jul 30, 07 12:12am
Stamp! hehe Stamp!

Sorry i dont have a cool image.


Now this is what i call meaningful.

Good luck in life!

See you in whodunit maybe!

The Blue Flame The Stig
Jul 19, 07 9:23pm

Down with those goddamn Forza 2 glitchers!

Teeb The Stig
Jul 18, 07 12:54am
Hey thanks for signing my guestbook! Unfortunatly I don't have a cool stamp to use so this will have to do:


King Bubsgonzola The Stig
Jul 10, 07 2:19am
Fear the Head

You're cool in Whodunnit and i can't wait to create my skeleton man!!! : ~(- -) look it's a beaver...
whiskersmgoo The Stig
Jun 26, 07 10:15pm

There you go, and be careful with this one or else....
BluePhoenix The Stig
Jun 26, 07 7:34pm

gotta love Darth Stig

so i bestow upon you the mark of BluePhoenix1990

PS: Congrats on winning whodunnit

ParmaViolet The Stig
Jun 26, 07 3:02pm

Heylo, after chatting to you i thought i would sign your guestbook, because you used to lift 25kg crates of juice you must be well cool!

Enjoy the stampage, it took me a whole twenty minutes to make in paint

dearest apollo The Stig
May 23, 07 9:45am
First signing!

[Stamp stamp stamp]