Saw this as a facebook screenshot posted on reddit. Your status is a repost of a repost. read more

No Shave November! Don't forget to don't shave.

I'll have a monopoly on the game by then and I'll sell them for $200 each. $400 if you want it on launch day. read more

I should go buy every copy of AC3 tomorrow so Dragoon can't get a copy!
Going to not shave for the month of November to raise awareness for No Shave November.
When does Assassins Creed come out? Dragoon, any idea? Wonder if it will be any good...

Hmm, I might just do that. Was planning on just going to get it a few days after release, but if I can get $25 for a... read more

Why is it that anyone can make a baby, but you need a license to catch a fish?

This is driving me nuts. Why not add an extra .1 inch (2.5mm) to the screen? So they can still call it a 7" tablet... read more

Saga: "they make my penis squirt boobs too"

Wow, this status update was a complete waste of my time. read more

likes Avalith's status update: "makes all the ladies turn les"
re: What is love? Sniper don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more.

I would. read more

Eggnog and apple cider season again! There goes my wallet and waist line :(

Not meaning to be redundant, but you may need to check out the Department of Redundancy Department. They have a... read more

The Department of Redundancy Department has a department of explosion department to be used in case the department... read more

Or check out that Department of Redundancy Department, thats a good department to check out if you need a redundancy... read more