No, I was quoting your status, which seems to be brought to us by the department of redundantancy department who... read more

Logitech Support = Amazing. Broken button on my mouse so they're sending me a brand new one for free.
re: Chad and Lone Warrior have demoted. Neo is ruined. Dynamite will destroy us all. ;__;

Neoseeker is *bleep*ed now

Dynamite is already a Drag Queen, I'm the King and Dragoon is the Pretty Princess. read more

My new beard trimmer is USB rechargeable. wat.

This was 6 days ago now. $100 plus 6 days of $50 interest comes to $400. For $150 I'll go "see" Dynamite and "convince her" to pay up. read more

I think Dynamite should pay up to Mojo. Just sayin.
likes Mojo's status update: ""

Never thought I'd see the day Tiff would talk nicely about a Microsoft product and actually prefer to use it over... read more

We need to go back to the moon so we can swap the flag out for the new one.
UPS needs GPS tracking on their trucks. Just got halo 4, finally.

We suck? I thought you sucked? At least thats what you said last night... read more

Haven't you done something similar? And in that status I said something about you would have to pay me because you... read more

My grandfather developed cancer in his early 20's. He is considered to be the most evil scientist that ever lived.

quote Charlie
quote Sakuraba Neku
Stop making statuses you 15 year old girl.
10 year old girl*.
5 year old transexual* read more

Saga: Someone who posts many status updates per day. The statuses are generally unfunny, annoying and don't make... read more

Saga > Accuses Saga of making too many statutes a day. read more