NORAD says Santa is in Greenland. Google says Santa is in South America.
I have completed my mission. The world should not end tomorrow now. You may now thank me.

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Dragoon loves blowing.
You know from personal experience?
Yes. read more

My grandpa is the only person I know that is able to "butt dial" an iPhone. On multiple occasions.

None of my xbox 360 controllers have ever broken . read more

If the world doesn't end on December 21st, you can thank me. 20 days left for my master plan.
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R.I.P. Sweet Prince read more

Awaiting people to tell me why they're waiting. read more

As soon as I get Internet that will let me. It's so damn slow here I wouldn't be able to play . read more

Just got an Xbox 360, 250gb WITH Kinect for only $150 ($350 normal). Hell yeah!
Hmm, should I upgrade my Xbox 360 (120gb elite) to the new 250gb model? $200 for the console + 2 games is pretty good...

As long as it does not harm anyone else, I fully believe that anyone should be able to do what they want to their... read more

re: Rule 34. Can someone bring The Slayer to my office please?

I wouldn't really so much call it Rule 34 as bestiality. read more

likes Dynamite's status update: "Transgender Day of Rememberence: In honor of my fallen brothers and sisters lost needlessly to hatred. Not forgotten. x ->"
If you poop in holy water, would that make it holy shit?
likes Dynamite's status update: "Thanksgiving: Adult vs. Child ->"