^ truth

Except we do have the occasional world domination chat. But thats about once every few years. read more

Well that's good to hear. I think I'm still going to get a PS4 though. I don't really have any interest in mandatory... read more

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"...and 4 others have commented on Arietta's status"

'Who the *bleep* is Arietta?'

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"...and 4 others have commented on Arietta's status"

'Who the *bleep* is Arietta?'

Not worth $10 tbh. read more

FFS, another one?

Neo could buy a new server just from you. read more

I have a spare 360 console I'm wanting to get rid of. Not sure if I just want to sell it now or wait and trade it in... read more

I was all excited about a GTA5 and PS4 bundle. Then about halfway through I realized it was the PS3.

btw, will GTA5... read more

Need some good Android apps. Suggestions?
Bought a Galaxy S4 a few days ago. Love it. Still trying to figure out the Android OS though.

I'm a fan of sim-city, but I wont even think about getting this game until they (or someone) removes that always-on DRM. read more


I thought that was MY hand?

Also, when the hell did you demote? read more

I'm waiting for the Galaxy S IV to come out, or at least be announced. read more

My 72 year old grandpa bought his own xbox 360 recently. His favorite game is Kung Fu Panda.

lol, you got banned from making statuses? I didnt know that could happen.

Also, to be pro you must also know the... read more

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I've been in prison for 25 years due to vehicular manslaughter.
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Age: 16
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