Were not too far from Star Trek now. Pretty soon we'll start measuring processing power in Giga-quads or Tera-quads.
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All thats left now is Halo The Movie.

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I have 7 western digital hard drives running in my house, all of them working fine. The only time I had a problem... read more

Wow. And I thought when I saw a roll of 500 foot cat5e cable for $40 a few weeks ago was a bit much. read more

The market place is just fine for me, the only thing it could use is possibly some more organization as a few games... read more

I actually saw newegg selling a hard drive similar to the one in the picture. The one in the picture, at least on... read more

I hate it when people say that by Microsoft going blu-ray that they are copying the PS3. The first Xbox and PS2 both... read more

How did you find this? Please dont tell me you spend all day looking for strange E-bay auctions

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From what I've heard, this sounds like a very very awesome game. I never really played any of the other GTA's enough... read more

I never understood why AMD decided to go with a tri-core processor. It seems like a waste of money if they have to... read more

Wow, thats only about an hour from my house. I have my power 'brick' at the edge of my desk next to my wall, but I... read more

Wow, that looks pretty bad ass. It actually looks like sony made that, the way the casing is molded, and not some... read more

I cant seeing this being too popular. wouldnt this just be a smaller version of stores like best buy, staples,... read more

The funny thing is, I have yet to see any reason why vista is horrible. I've been using it since the beta stages,... read more

I dont see why people are having so many problems with Vista. I've been running it since beta 1, and I like it. I've... read more

Wow, how did this go from a small space craft to sex in space...?

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Why do they even need a mile high building? If they need office space, then just expand into the desert a bit and... read more

I downloaded and I've been running it for the past hour. Other then an upgrade to how it looks, I dont really notice... read more

Yeah, I think a LOLKoran would be a really bad idea, we dont want the peaceful radical Muslims to get mad at us any... read more

Yeah, it does seem like creative is trying to make their old cards too 'out dated' to use on vista. They probably... read more

Revenge, if you dont like what you are reading, then simply stop reading it and close out of the webpage or go... read more

Why dosnt Creative just fire half their driver writing team and hire that guy?

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I like how a few people can take a simple joke and blow it completely out of proportion. Its actually kinda funny in... read more

That mouse looks like it would be a bit uncomfortable in your hand. Does it feel as 'boxy' as it looks? I like to... read more