Lesley Pro_04 linked to this on IRC so now I feel like I should say hi. read more

Oh god, not another name change.

I've had the same damn name for 11 years now. I've forgotten what... read more

What? What/where are they dropping the price? read more

Mom was on the phone with ISP and microsoft support trying to fix internet for 2 hours. 10 minute phone call with me and its fixed.
I have two Samsung TV's and two Xbox 360's. When I try to turn one off, the other turns on -_-
likes Redemption's status update: "I was Gifted with N+ anonymously, it's actually pretty fun to receive a nice gift like that. Thanks!"

Many people are saying bitcoin mining isn't profitable anymore (mostly due to electricity usage). read more

I'm just doing it for the investment right now. I kept reading stories of people who have... read more

Just bought my first .02 of a bitcoin. Anyone else own any BTC?
Xbox One with Dead Rising 3 for $357.

I don't even like Mountain dew. I have a few friends that do though so I guess free mountain dew... read more

Halfway to an Xbox One! just need 55 Mountain Dew and 63 Doritos codes!
Send me your every2minutes codes!