Oh god, not another name change.

I've had the same damn name for 11 years now. I've forgotten what... read more

What? What/where are they dropping the price? read more

Mom was on the phone with ISP and microsoft support trying to fix internet for 2 hours. 10 minute phone call with me and its fixed.
I have two Samsung TV's and two Xbox 360's. When I try to turn one off, the other turns on -_-
likes Redemption's status update: "I was Gifted with N+ anonymously, it's actually pretty fun to receive a nice gift like that. Thanks!"

Many people are saying bitcoin mining isn't profitable anymore (mostly due to electricity usage). read more

I'm just doing it for the investment right now. I kept reading stories of people who have... read more

Just bought my first .02 of a bitcoin. Anyone else own any BTC?
Xbox One with Dead Rising 3 for $357.

I don't even like Mountain dew. I have a few friends that do though so I guess free mountain dew... read more

Halfway to an Xbox One! just need 55 Mountain Dew and 63 Doritos codes!
Send me your every2minutes codes!

Will it at least play games out of the box before the update? Seems they forgot to add any... read more