Mom was on the phone with ISP and microsoft support trying to fix internet for 2 hours. 10 minute phone call with me and its fixed.
I have two Samsung TV's and two Xbox 360's. When I try to turn one off, the other turns on -_-
Just bought my first .02 of a bitcoin. Anyone else own any BTC?
Xbox One with Dead Rising 3 for $357.
Halfway to an Xbox One! just need 55 Mountain Dew and 63 Doritos codes!
Send me your every2minutes codes!

I am actually considering buying about $300 worth of Doritos products and entering all the codes and winning an xbox one on e

Is anyone an absolute pro at Android?
Watching the credits on GTA V. GG
I think Dragoon has some crazy, unhealthy obsession with Dr. Who.

There's a few threads going on Reddit where people are trying to get everyone to invest in HawkAndLIttle on the BAWSAQ st http://suppo

I'm about 3/4th's through the story, 48% game completion. I haven't bought Los Santos Customs either. And micheal

GTA V tomorrow!
Attention England: Pls tell your princess to hurry up and have her baby so my crappy American news can have something better to gossip about
Need some good Android apps. Suggestions?
Bought a Galaxy S4 a few days ago. Love it. Still trying to figure out the Android OS though.
My 72 year old grandpa bought his own xbox 360 recently. His favorite game is Kung Fu Panda.
TV sensors make no sense to me. "*bleep* dammit", "ass *bleep*".
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