Surprise! You who I am?! I'm Scream! You know WHAT! You're realy starting to piss me off! If your name is Bad Scream, Scary Scream! If your one of those 2 *bleep*s that I just mentioned than get out of my profile before I personally kill you!!! Yes I know who you are! And I know that your reading my profile I suggest you to leave it alone if your name is Bad Scream or Scary Scream! If your name is not Bad Scream, Scary Scream or any one else who I hate, than welcome to my profile My name is The Scream! Or you can just call me Good Scream, I'm a friendly Scream at the end as long as you stay on my GOOD side that is... I was born in October 1rst 1989 I live in a town called P. Part Land in a small dark haunted house which is my home. I ware a black suit and a Scream mask and I carry a knife, I stand about 5 foot 4 inches tall (Average hight) I weigh 127 pounds (So I'm pretty slim) When ever I post in Neoseeker you might find me as a loud, grouchy type when I'm mad so don't get on my bad side! My favourite colour style is black of course! My favourite food is Booze, Pizza and other peoples blood,, My favourite novel is Goose Bumps, and my favourite horror movie is "NO! NO! NO!! LET ME GUESS.... SCREAM!?!?" You would probably say well you're correct! And the people I know in my life? Well here they all are here is every one I know and I have met in Neoseeker.


Screamantha (My new girl friend)

Girl Scream (My ex girl friend)

Robber Man (My best pal)

Reggie M (My best friend)

Tosha G (Robber Mans girl friend)

Mimando (Me and her had allot in common)

Starsimulva 334455 (Was a nice person to me)

TedTheNicest (A bit of a nerd but a pretty cool guy still)


Eve B Heart
Fisher 2k7
Jack Tree Horn
Noobzone 1
Ghost 15
God Of Power
Slapstick 92
Steaks 1234-
Torch Wood
Monky Magic
Sky 155
Yay Forme
Choccy 94
Iq 1992
Moter Way Maniac
Princase Moon
Game Freek ACWW
Apple Sponge
Pinky Pink 386
Cookie Girl 88
Neoseeker Gal
Iiiirrraaa 000
Wrong Mouse
Ig 1992
Buggy 9
Hunterkiller 666
Zero Sheep
Falcon 725
Jordy Cat 120
(And more...)


Bad Scream (My evil clone)

Scary Scream (A punky guy who hits girls now and harrases my girl friend)

Excellence (Some emo kid who thinks he's better than me, I don't even take him seriously. He thinks he's mature but he's not and never will be.)

Sodachugger0 (He's just a troll don't talk to him, the only time I'll react to his childish insults and swaring is when the pussy says them to me in person)

Axcarcrie (She's just a dyke and a cow, not much to see here)


Sim (He used to be some bratty kid botherd me on Neo 247. I found him and killed him along time ago)

T.H.B (The Heartless Bitch yes she sure is, I don't want to see her ever again, she's an old villain any ways I'm done dealing with her. Don't know what happened to her, might have got hit by a car, little I care.)

Dizzy Stars (Some bitch I killed years ago, now she shut up)

and that's pretty much every one I know, and what I think of them, thanks for visiting my Screamy profile!


My Hobbies are going out causing mischief at night with my buddy Robber Man, Telling ghost stories to my girl friend Girl Scream and scaring her silly, Watching horror movies with her too, she sometimes gets so freaked out she leans against my shoulder and covers her face. Killing people who tick me off! Playing X Box and computer, Beating up every one in school who bothers me or my friends, Chilling with my friends, Reading Goose Bump books, And going out on hot dates with my Girl Scream.


Most Favourite: The Scream

Coolest: Mystic River

Funniest: Happy Gilmore

Scariest: Halloween


Simple Plan
Mano war
Iran Maiden
Kim Wilde (Hot Chick!)
Street Heart
Cheap Trick
Dream Theatre
Eric Johnson
Black Label Society
Vinny Moore
Van Halen
Ozzy Oz born
Bryan Adams
Mega Death
Twisted Sister
Alice Cooper
Nickel Back
Three Doors Down
The Crows
Children Of Bodem
Reggie And The Full Effect
Def Leppard
Pink Floyd
Red Hot Chilly Peppers


Super Tramp
Meat Loaf
Tom Petty
Bruce Spring Steen


People in Neo who cry about stupid things need to cook me some supper and accept their spanking.

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