NA 2 The RPG Info Man
Feb 22, 04 2:51am
Damn you got a lot of RPG's how did you get so many and i am pretty sure your not my next door neighbor and i am also pretty sure you are older than 0 years
neo7 The RPG Info Man
Oct 11, 03 7:43am
hey ive seen you in the final fanstay 7 forum good luck man please sign my guestbook bac thanx

like the banner

pm bac to tell me
Gotenx The RPG Info Man
Jan 23, 03 10:52pm
hey RPG, whats up? i just wanted to say hi and sign your guestbook cuz i really think its awesome how you help everyone on neo so much... well i gotta run, so cya!
oblivion46000 The RPG Info Man
Jan 18, 03 3:18am
Hey... sup? I'm just signing because you said to in the FFT forum. You don't have to sign mine... guestbook signatures aren't that important to me. Well anyway, talk to ya later.

Michael Dude The RPG Info Man
Jan 17, 03 8:34am
Hey RPG info man you're the coolest info man in the world.You won't beat to more info on Seiken Densetsu.Keep up the good work.

Iscariot The RPG Info Man
Jan 16, 03 4:22am
Funny how you're able to get 4 signatures in one day and I have about that many total...

Anyway, this is new. Nice name, by the way. I figured you'd go with that sooner or later. Make sure you drop by the FrostByte every now and then. Place is getting lonely without ya'... you were an important asset there. See ya' around, friend, and congratulations on all your past achievements!

DeathKnight The RPG Info Man
Jan 16, 03 2:27am
Figured I'd leave my sig here as well . So new account eh? I respect that a lot, it takes a lot of guts to drop nearly 11k posts. Well, keep posting your info, and keep modding all your forums, and I'll see you around man .
Do these work here? nm...

Hey, just signin' cause you said to! By the way, this means you must sign mine again with this new account, or perish! Mwhahahahahahahahaha!
Shadowslayer The RPG Info Man
Jan 15, 03 12:54am
New Account huh? I saw this in your sig. so I decided to drop by. What is this, you bussiness only account? Well I'll see you around man, maybe for another 10K...