How to be an Info Man?

Well first steps are you gotta have sources. An info man is only as good as his source. I recommend multiple ones.

Next you gotta be active. Whats the use of getting the info if someone else beats you to posting it?

Also, know your games. Posting it is one thing but if someone asks you and you don't know then it makes you look stupid. So not only post info but study it.

And lastly have fun. This is not for everyone and can take time. I get joy out of the few thanks I get from members who appreciate my work which is why I still do it.

Well that's my say, time to go post some info :D


Hello all, the RPG Info Man here or RPG_Master44 as I am known. I love RPGs and I am happy to provide those with the info they need.

RPGs I like are (most are series) Final Fantasy, Chrono, Seiken Densetsu, Xenogears, Suikoden, Star Ocean, Lunar, and many many more. I own an estimated 120 RPGs and have played about 200. They are my favs.


How to be an Info Man

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Jan 15, 2003

Where should I start? I mean there are so many outstanding things about this game it's quite difficult to pick them. As one of the few games to live up to the hype, Final Fantasy 7 shines as the single greatest RPG ever made. Gameplay, Music,...

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