Sounds like what happens to me when the internet goes out. I suddenly realize that 95% of the... read more

I read when my power goes out... on my laptop until it runs out of battery life Most of my books... read more

I don't post in the forums anymore (other than when Stitch tricked me into doing so), but I keep... read more

Well, it took 5 1/3 years, but my 360 finally gave me the red ring. Thankfully, only a half ring, so I'll give GTA V another shot.
likes tekmosis' status update: "If no one comes from the future to stop you how bad of a decision can it really be?"

My future self came to me when I was about to embarrass myself in front of a girl I liked, warning... read more

Yeah, I think my problem is that I've only opened a few decks since I primarily just play the AI,... read more

Got my butt kicked as my shaman against the first boss. He kept eradicating the minions I had and... read more

Yeah, I may attempt it later on today. How much harder are the bosses than the normal difficulty AI characters? read more

I may try Naxx sometime soon. I've only played other players a few times, I mostly just practice... read more

likes tekmosis' status update: "Well that was easy, beat all 3 bosses in Naxxramas"

And I STILL haven't gone back to DS yet, even though I said I would a few months ago read more

To be fair, it looks like a game you're supposed to fail over and over again. Not sure when I'll... read more

They play Mexico in the round of 16, and Mexico is looking pretty good right now. Should be a good game. read more

Yeah, it was a good win with late goals. They'll likely play Croatia or Mexico next. read more

likes Stitch's status update: "Holland hopalijeee! Holland holland holland hoppalijee! =D"

All Holland needs is a draw with Chile to win the group, which is important since 2nd place of... read more

likes Stitch's status update: "Go Netherlands! =3"

Stitch high on drugs... never even thought about that I tried to Google translate those posts,... read more

likes Stitch's status update: "Hup! Holland Hup! =3"

I know, that was a major league ass-whoopin' on Spain read more