And I STILL haven't gone back to DS yet, even though I said I would a few months ago read more

To be fair, it looks like a game you're supposed to fail over and over again. Not sure when I'll... read more

They play Mexico in the round of 16, and Mexico is looking pretty good right now. Should be a good game. read more

Yeah, it was a good win with late goals. They'll likely play Croatia or Mexico next. read more

likes Stitch's status update: "Holland hopalijeee! Holland holland holland hoppalijee! =D"

All Holland needs is a draw with Chile to win the group, which is important since 2nd place of... read more

likes Stitch's status update: "Go Netherlands! =3"

Stitch high on drugs... never even thought about that I tried to Google translate those posts,... read more

likes Stitch's status update: "Hup! Holland Hup! =3"

I know, that was a major league ass-whoopin' on Spain read more

Yeah, I was going by my pacing, which obviously isn't as fast as the people you referenced, but is... read more

Holland is wiping out Spain 4-1 in the 2nd half! Woohoo!

1-90 only takes a month or a little more now, but that's if you're used to the quests. read more

likes tekmosis' status update: "I haven't played WoW in 8 years. It's cool to see how much has changed since then."

I haven't played WoW in 8 minutes... I was just disconnected trying to load a battleground, so ... read more

World Cup starts tomorrow!!! Too bad 2 of my 3 favorite teams probably won't make it out of the group stage (USA and England). And Holland..
likes Sonic Flash's status update: "I live in Calgary now! The sun sets too late and rises too early ;___;"

Yeah, I get worn down driving a long time too, but I only used to drive for 5 hours back and... read more

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