Plus, you can whoop me online on the WiiU read more

likes tekmosis' status update: "Two more days. I'm sure you're all super pumped."

I think I've had a grand total of 55 FB notifications over an entire year... and half of them are also from my mother read more

Yeah, that's the one I'm going by too. Sonic Flash told me so!

Really wish the AI is more... read more

Playing SSBB right now, but I'm only getting the WiiU version of the next game (no 3DS). I... read more

I really wish EA Ultimate Team modes were offline. It would be a fun mode if I didn't have to always worry about contracts running out.
likes Willow's status update: "I can't get a car cause I ain't got a job I can't get a job cause I ain't got a car I can't study cause I'm not Aussie... (tbc)"
likes Willow's status update: "... So I'm looking for an Aussie with a job and a car, and a house, with cable."

"Do a barrel roll!" No wait, that's the hare. read more

likes Sonic Flash's status update: "Square creates Shinra Technologies, partners with Avalanche Studios, makes Cloud gaming. Oh, I get it! :D"

My cell phone not only makes calls, but it saves phone numbers! And it has a texting feature!...... read more

Man, Lost Odyssey feels like the game Final Fantasy XIII should have been. I wish the 360 had more turn-based RPGs.

I've been doing my usual cycle of watching people play games online I go to GameGrumps (and... read more

likes Willow's status update: "Super nervous about going back to England, really needing to make some happy memories there."
You can't convince me that Bungie's Destiny is anything but a Why So Serious? version of Borderlands, complete with a quirky robot sidekick.
likes tekmosis' status update: "RIP Robin Williams =((((((("
likes Willow's status update: "Survived a year of marriage =o"

It's good to see the Mimics from Final Fantasy find more work in this rough economy read more