That halftime show was so terrible it made me long for the days of watching the Rock vs. Mankind in an empty arena for the WWF Title.
New PS2 A/V cable WORKS!!! Now I can finally get around to beating some old PS2 games, like FFXII and Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts!
likes Sonic Flash's status update: "Every cell in my body is working at making more mucous. How is that even suppose to help?! Now I can't breath and my throat is sore!"
likes Stitch's status update: "Happy New Year everyone! =3"
Happy Festivus!

I wish that were the case here in the U.S.. I was completely disgusted at the anti-Muslim sentiment following the terrorist attacks in 2001. It was all over the place here, all over the media, everywhere. It's a trend here where if something terrible happens, the individual(s) who performed the terrible actions take less of a blame than everything else around them which somehow attributed to their actions. Gun laws, religion, multimedia, culture are always blamed for the actions of one or a few individuals. Too many people pushing too many hatred agendas here, and the good people we do have are mostly ignored by the media, who push their own fearmongering out to bolster their ratings and egos.

I really belong somewhere else, like Canada. read more

likes Willow's blog post "For Australia"
likes Sonic Flash's status update: "Turned an old router into a 3DS spotpass hotspot and got the Eon Ticket :D"

... And I thought my upper level accounting regulations class was confusing.

So what you're saying... read more

I wish Netflix had a holiday section so I could easily spot the Christmas movies on their streaming service.
Ah ha, I've got SSB and am coming for you now, Dog from Du- [SYSTEM UPDATE REQUIRED] Oh come on, Nintendo!
Tomorrow, Dog from Duck Hunt. Tomorow it begins. Laugh your final laughs, because I'm not going to miss your duck buddy this next time!
likes Willow's status update: "Cam and I were made an uncle and auntie yesterday, we have a cute weeny little neice with lots of hair :D"
2 more days until I seek VENGEANCE that has been 25+ years overdue. 110 matches, then your ass belongs to me, Dog from Duck Hunt. REVENGE!!!