I've never played Majora's Mask. The thought of having to rush to get things done or else a moon... read more

likes Sonic Flash's status update: "THERE, finished MM3DS with all masks and heart pieces. I remember why I only play this game once every 15 years..."

Even better if it was a secret agent disguised as a house pet. read more

likes Sonic Flash's status update: "LIFE GOAL: Meet a platypus"
found Mishtram's user review helpful
likes Willow's status update: "funeral of a V distant relative today, king of England in 15th Cent so thought I'd give it a go with my boss for a day off. Didn't work :("
likes Sonic Flash's status update: "Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm is actually pretty cool"
I wish I knew about the auto-target feature in Dark Souls the last time I played. Would have made things so much easier on me, haha.
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Nah, I'm active with PM's and the status updates. I still had BILFY on my friend list, so I saw... read more

I watched the Rumble this year (hadn't seen any WWE since last Summerslam), and I still think... read more

likes BILFY's status update: "Stephanie McMahon.. Never gonna stop loving her!!!!! Wooooooooo!"

And of course I've spent the last few hours playing GW2 Leveling up my guardian (45 now), doing... read more

So I finally started Dragon Age: Origins. 45 minutes of non-combat later, I was reminded of why BioWare games piss me off. [continued...]
likes tekmosis' status update: "Buy the expansion so NCSoft can get their shares back from Nexon. Nexon is bad, so so very bad."

I read about the expansion when I was last logging in, but playing reminded me why I stopped. ... read more

In SW: Battlefront 2 there's nothing quite like being the sole survivor against 10 AI, then meticulously killing them all to win the match.